Thursday (Term 3: Week 2)

Welcome to Thursday and the 1st day of a new month in 2JH and 2RG.

Today we took a look at our new calendar for the month of August. We noticed:

  • There are 31 days in August.
  • Four students have a birthday in August: Yatin, Adau, Jayden B and Dion.
  • There are two whole school masses in August.
  • And … most importantly …  it’s Donut Day TOMORROW!

Here was our learning for the day:


Today our Writer’s Workshop provocation was to create a new postcard for inclusion in the book The Day the Crayons Came Home.

The students were asked to decide on a crayon character and then design/write a postcard to Duncan (the owner of the crayons) from the point of view of the crayon.

Mrs Handforth modelled the process in a shared writing session, taking suggestions and recommendations from the students. Here’s our piece of writing from Hot Pink Crayon to Duncan:

Most children will be finishing their postcard tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are a few finished postcards thus far.

Caroline wrote:

Dear Duncan, It’s me, Dark Blue Crayon. Remember we were at your bedroom? We were doing drawing. Then you made get water in your bottle of water. Then when I came back to give you water you are gone! Then I have to look for you. Then I fall down in the basement. Please get me, Dark Blue Crayon.

My wrote:

Dear Duncan, Remember were playing on the mat? And playing games on the TV. Well your friend came and when you wasn’t LOOKING !!! your dog  ate me and now I’m in his tummy … Please save me! I’m so scared and also what have your dog ate? It smells BAD!!! I CAN’T STAY HERE ANY MORE!!! … Please get me out! I am really serious. From, Dark Purple Crayon

Portia wrote:

Hi Duncan, You dropped me at the Sea Life Park in Melbourne, I feel in the SHARK TANK!!! IT’s terrifying here. Help!!! Galaxy Crayon.

Adau wrote:

Hi Duncan, You might not remember me Orange Crayon. You left me at Antarctica when we went to have a trip to Antarctica 11 months ago!!! Come and get me because it is COLD! From your freezing friend, Orange Crayon

Tristan wrote:

Dear Duncan, Remember Bailey’s grave? You gave me to Bailey to chew. From Red Crayon

Ruby wrote:

Dear Duncan, You left in your wardrobe. It stinks in here like you pooped in your pants! Rescue me! Love from Galaxy Crayon 

Tyson wrote:

Dear Duncan, Hey Duncan! Do you remember  at the pool you put me in your pocket and jumped in? I fell and went in the pool. I’m still there.  Also bring sun screen! Your eggy friend, Eggy Crayon

Please check our blog for more masterpieces tomorrow…


In Numeracy, our students continued to work on the provocation set my Miss Nguyen. This was to create a subtraction colouring puzzle for a friend to solve. Some examples of completed work include:


Our first shared library book of August was the story book Horatio Squeak by award winning author Karen Foxlee and illustrated by Evie Barrow. It is a classic hero story about the difference one small voice can make.

In a very fine house, on a very grand street, Lived the tiniest mouse you could possibly meet. The youngest of twelve, he was timid and slight, But he was always, ALWAYS very polite. When tiny Horatio Squeak is invited to a mysterious party at the top of the stairs, he finds himself in the unexpected company of kittens with dreadfully bright teeth and dreadfully sharp claws. Despite their intimidating appearance, the kittens are welcoming hosts who seem to enjoy Horatio’s company. But when they spot a bird in the window, they cannot resist the urge to catch it. As Horatio watches on with horror, he finds the courage to speak out and save the scared bird. With his newfound bravery, Horatio returns home feeling stronger and not nearly so small.


Mrs Cooymans was full of praise for 2JH students for the SECOND week in a row … she said that EVERY single student had participated in the gymnastics lesson with a growth mindset and positive attitude. Well done, 2JH! Mrs Handforth is very proud of you all.


This week’s featured artist is Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter, who is widely regarded as the world’ first abstract artist.

When he grew up, Kandinsky worked as a teacher at a university but it didn’t make him happy. So when he was 30, he left his job and went to art school. He found art school easy and was very good at his studies.

Kandinsky thought a lot about what colours mean and how they make people feel. He believed that colours had a soul.

He was the first painter to stop painting pictures of things and instead paint just using colours and shapes. He believed that this let him paint honestly about his feelings. Often Kandinsky would listen to music while he painted and try to paint what he heard.

We discussed how different colours make us feel before proceeding on to create our own ‘Colour Studies: Squares with Concentric Circles’ piece of artwork: we agreed that colours like yellow, orange and red make us feel warm and colours like blue and grey make us feel cold.

Many of us will continue to work on our concentric circles art pieces tomorrow. Meanwhile, Sophia and Portia did complete their artwork before the end of today’s lesson:




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