Monday (Term 3: Week 3)

A warm welcome to Week 3.

We are lucky to have the lovely Miss Nguyen in class for a further week. Mrs Giannakakis is due to return at the start of Week 4.

Thank you to Saara for reading our daily information from the class’ August calendar, and to Olivia for reading our learning timetable.


Miss Nugyen introduced today’s numeracy lesson, focusing on applying subtraction skills to worded problems. The students worked on differentiated problems at their own level of understanding.



Well done to Ruby and Portia who both achieved good ‘Good Listening’ sticker in their Spanish lesson.


Mrs Rogers supported a group of writers, who were completing their crayon postcards, while other students worked to finish their Kandinsky style art work.

Working on their Kandinsky inspired art:

Ruby, Hayley and Portia are all involved in a dance that will be performed in front of the whole school on stage. Today there were showing Mrs Handforth the choreography they have mastered thus far:

Tyson made a creeper of his own in Minecraft Education; Tristan was very impressed , so Tyson agreed to teach Tristan how to make one next time we have investigations.



Today we shared a retelling of the Aboriginal Dreaming story, The Rainbow Serpent. The students then viewed and discussed different representations of the serpent in aboriginal art before embarking on a representation of the rainbow serpent using their 100 languages.  As we had limited time for our art work, before we will be finishing and showcasing these tomorrow.


For our final lesson of the day, we joined the rest of the school in the hall to practise the hymns that we will be singing on Thursday at the whole school Mass celebrating Australia’s saint: St Mary of the Cross McKillop. Thank you to Javeiria for the following photographs:


Singing practice brought us to the end of a sunny Monday. Have a peaceful evening all.

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