Tuesday (Term 3: Week 3)

Welcome to Tuesday!

Thank you to Kaisha, who read our daily information from the August calendar, and to Krish, who read aloud our learning timetable.

Shared Reading/Literacy Activity

Today we revisited the Dreaming story of the Rainbow Serpent. Some of the children were brave enough to read  a page of the story – thank you to our wonderful readers: Javeiria, Matthew, Krish, Tyson, Kanye, Yatin and Dion.

The children were then asked to retell the story using their 100 languages. Some children chose to make the story using lego; some children make iMovies; some children chose to make story cubes; some children made Flipcharts; some children make comic strip retellings; some children chose to represent the story in art; some children used whiteboards. There were some super retellings in some very creative ways. Well done, everyone!


Many of the students are now choosing to make little focus areas during meditation, using candles, stones and other artefacts from the prayer table area.

Adau lay down to meditate with two candles, one in each hand:


Ahead of Mass on Thursday, in which we will be celebrating the life of Australia’s first saint, Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Miss Nguyen read a short passage to the students about Mary’s life and charitable works. The students then watched a short video made by children which told the story of Mary’s life:

Miss Nguyen then asked the students to come up with words and phrases that describe Mary. Examples included: loving, caring, hope, brave, leader, holy, loves God, friendly to everyone and helpful. She then asked the students to sketch a picture of Mary and include some of these words around the image. Students made a start at this task and will complete it tomorrow. These pictures show ‘work in progress’:





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