Wednesday (Term 3: Week 3)

Welcome to Wednesday.

Here’s our learning timetable and August calendar, read today by Tristan (2JH) and Linda (2RG) respectively.

Well done to Indi who spotted the snake in our daily brain teaser.


Today Miss Nguyen demonstrated the relationship between addition and subtraction. Thereafter the students worked on differentiated activities involving relating addition and subtraction facts. For many students this was a new concept, so we will continue to build on our learning tomorrow.  We reminded the students that sometimes learning a new concept can become tricky and we may get disheartened, but with a positive, growth mindset, hard work, collaboration and resilience, we can succeed.

Shared Reading / Literacy Activity

Today’s shared text was an interesting book – a mixture of fact and fiction – entitled Gecko. In this text we were welcomed to the world of the gecko. We met him as he warms up on sunbaked rocks in the evening before hunting for food. We discovered he enjoys a cockroach as a yummy snack. But, he has to watch out … a hawk is hunting!

The students are working on a fact file that gives key information about the gecko and includes a diagram. These are currently works in progress, which we will showcase upon completion on tomorrow’s blog.


Each Wednesday for Lesson 5 we head out for whole class fitness. The children are encouraged to collaborate and try out a variety of different activities. Student agency is encouraged, as students choose and set up games or use their creativity and imagination to use equipment to create their own games.


Meanwhile, in Log Park, Kevin was busy ….


After Mindfulness it was time to catch up with our Buddies. 3JM visited 2RG in Rooms 3 and 4, while 2JH took a short walk over to 3IB’s classroom to catch up with their buddies. As the classes were discussing and preparing for forthcoming assemblies, we don’t want to give too much away at this point.

As cited in the recent school newsletter, our assemblies are as follows:

2JH  will be presenting an assembly with their Year 3 buddies (3IB) on Friday 6 September (Term 3: Week 7)

2RG and 3JM will be collaborating to present HFCS’s annual Moon Lantern Assembly on Friday 13 September (Term 3: Week 8)

Finally a big shout out to Makur (Tristan’s buddy) who came 4th in his age group cross country race today whilst representing HFCS. Makur’s two brothers came first in their year group races. Wow – what a fantastic family of long distance runners. Year 2 students – will this be you next year? You can train for the cross country competition once you are in Year 3!

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