Monday (Term 3: Week 4)

 Hello and welcome to Week 4 in Room 3 and 4! It was lovely to be back to school and see all the children in our double.

Thank you to Thaison (2JH) who read out our August calendar. Jayden B (2RG) used his loud and proud voice to read our daily timetable.

Today we celebrated Jayden B’s 8th Birthday. Yatin and Adau had birthdays over the weekend.

This morning, students engaged in a mini workshop of Prodigy whilst we waited for our time slot to have our school photos. The photo make up day will be this Wednesday.

Here is the leader board for 2RG…

Here is the leader board from 2JH…


We read a story called ‘A Color of His Own’ written by Leo Lionni.

What do you already know about chameleons?

Ruby: Sometimes they are visible. Say there is a green car, the chameleon goes on the car and it will be the same shade.

Krish: Camouflage.

Matthew: They change colour.

Tyson: Whatever they touch they change colour to hide from predators.

Carter: They can stick to stuff. I think it’s like suction cups. Not like a bearded dragon with claws, but like suction cups.

Amelia: They only have four toes.

You can listen to the story through this link.

During the story, some brave children shared their comprehension and predictions. 

Kanye noticed that the word ‘Chameleon’ had a k sound rather than a ch sound.

During the reading, Tyson spoke the part of the chameleon. He used a loud and proud voice. Krish spoke the part of the second chameleon.

Krish predicted that at the end of the book, the chameleon will be a rainbow.

Using a Flipchart, children followed steps to make a Chameleon using pipe cleaners. Then, using creativity, children set their chameleon on objects within the class that were the same colour as their chameleon.

Yatin and Felix:





Play Investigations

Before Play Investigations, Mrs. Giannakakis shared a map of Greece and some of her holiday pictures with the children. The children were so interested and many of them knew lots of facts about Greece, especially the Parthenon. Children were invited to use their 100 Languages and explore any parts that interested them. Some children chose to follow their own inquiry and investigate countries that they were interested in.


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