Tuesday (Term 3: Week 4)

Welcome to Tuesday in 2JH and 2RG.

Thank you to Cooper and Matthew for reading aloud our daily information and learning timetable today.


Last week, we met Kaine, a contemporary indigenous dancer. Today, he worked with both classes to teach the children two parts of a dance called Brolga. A brolga is an Australian bird:

First, we watched a video of professional Bangarra dancers performing part of the Brolga dance:

What was some traditional part of the dance?

Amelia: They had body paint

Tyson: They make it out of stone (body paint)

Cooper: On the face, arm and legs (the body paint)

How is she feeling? Who do you think she is?

Krish: She might be a chicken.

Carter: There might be lightening hitting the ground. A tony storm that has lightening

Tristan: A big storm like a tornado because she spun around like. tornado

Josh: It looked like a demon. It was different.

Kanye: When she goes like that, it’s like she is going slow motion like a spider.

Tino: When she was doing this, she looked like she was kicking.

Thaison: It was like she was getting attacked.

What did you notice watching it the second time?

Yatin: the people around the girl look like they are skeletons.

Felix: People around her look like kangaroos.

Javeiria: They are surrounding here and they might try and get her

Tristan: They could be like taking her to a prison. Their hands are behind her back.

Carter: I think they are fighting her and she is fighting the group.

Jayden B: Look like they are doing the floss.

Johnny: They might of hypnotised her. She copied them.

Kanye: I think she joined them so they can get away while she joined them and did the dance

Tyson: Maybe she joined the group.

Matthew: Maybe the captured her.

When the new characters come in, what did you notice?

Kanye: They guy with a stick on his head, it looks like he has sunglasses.

Yatin: It looks like evil eyes.

Nyibol: It looks like they were attacking her.

Amelia: I the background it sounds like birds.

Saara: He painted his eye black.


We learned the Aboriginal brolga dance by sitting and facing Kaine as he taught us the choreography. Then we sat in a circle to learn the second part of the dance, which was a Torres Strait Islander dance representing the turtle. It was wonderful to see so many of the children really engaged and demonstrating a growth mindset.


Today were were exploring the theme of anger and feeling angry. In our circle we identified things that make us feel angry and how it feels inside and outside our bodies when we feel angry.

We then read a story and responded to a story about a girl, who felt angry. The story and the children’s contributions are given below:

The students then used a template of a body to show how they feel on the inside and the outside when they feel angry. A lot of us mentioned: gritted teeth, clenched fists, feeling tense, feeling hot, hearts beating faster and loud voices. Here are some examples:


This week we have shared the story A Colour of His Own by Leo Leonni. The story features a chameleon as the main character. Today, we responded to the text using our language of art. Mrs Handforth modelled how to sketch a chameleon using light pencil strokes. She then modelled how to use watercolour paints, including blending and using the paint brush gently.

Then the children created the most amazing chameleons ….


A reminder that our Moon Lantern Shared Lunch is on Friday this week. Those wishing to participate, will be enjoying a delicious shared lunch with their buddies, consisting of spring rolls, noodles and desert. If you wish your child to participate, please  return the permission form with payment of $5 as soon as possible. Payment can be made online too.

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