Tuesday (Term 3: Week 5)

Happy Tuesday to our learning community … 

Yesterday was the beginning of Book Week celebrations and we are excited for the week to come and more celebrations within our learning.

As always, we had two loud and proud voices reading out the timetable and calendar. Thank you Hannah and Krish for using your bravery.


Following on from yesterday’s lesson, Mrs Giannakakis told the children that over the next few days they will be focusing on measuring with informal measuring tools and undertaking some investigations that will include formal measuring tools.

Today, children worked in their numeracy books to order strips of tape by their length. We explored the idea of base lines and the importance of using a base line when measuring.

After Recess, 2RG went to Spanish then Music, whilst 2JH went to Music.

After Spanish, 2JH made their way back into the classroom and had ‘Circle Time’.  Today the focus was on the learning power / character strength of creativity. We discussed what we thought creativity meant:

The children then began the ’30 circles creativity’ challenge. This challenge involves the student being given a page with thirty circles on it. They are allowed to draw inside and around circles, and join circles together to create new and interesting images. The students will be completing these in mindfulness this week and the circle chillness ideas created by 2JH will be blogged at the end of the week.

Here’s one very creative example from the internet that shows how one person completed the challenge. It will be interesting to see what ideas the students will come up with.

Literacy: Book Week Investigations

Our Book Week focus continued today but with a new focus text. Today, Ms Handforth read us the story, noni the pony rescues a joey, written by Alison Lester.

Noni the Pony heads out for the day, to roam the green hills behind Waratah Bay. As she and her friends wander down a green trail, they meet someone small with a very long tail. Can they help the lost baby wallaby find the way home? Alison Lester’s books are favourites with children and adults around the world. Magic Beach, Imagine, My Farm and Noni the Pony are Australian classics.

Here is an audio book version of the text:

After the shared reading, children made a Joey cup with Noni and her friends, Coco and Dave, using a variety of craft materials.


See you tomorrow for a wonderful Wednesday …

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