Tuesday (T3: W6)

Welcome to terrific Tuesday in 2JH and 2RG.

Thank you to Javeiria and Carter for reading our daily information today in their loud and proud voices.

Indigenous Dance with Kaine

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Kaine back into class to continue our learning journey with indigenous dance. Today we were turtles and birds.

Here is some video footage of our dancing with Kaine:


Shared Reading and Class Discussion

We are currently reading a short novel with the children and the main character in the story is Plop, a baby barn owl. Today Mrs Handforth asked the class what a baby barn owl would look like in the early stages of its life cycle.

Sophia: It would have no feathers.

Krish: It would be an egg.

Johnny: It has no wings.

Adau: It’s small and fledgling.

Kanye: It won’t be able to fly.

Kaisha: They have their eyes closed.

Tyson: They are featherless and their skin is pink. Their wings are small and they can’t fly until they are older.

Carter: They can’t chew their food so the grown-up birds feed them.

We then shared a presentation about barn owls. We agreed that Plop, the owl in our story, is a fledgling. Tomorrow we will exploring more about barn owls and their life cycles, as well as researching information about their diet, habitat and behaviour.



Moon Lantern Story and Lantern Making


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