Wednesday (Term 3: Week 6)

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday in 2RG & 2JH

Thank you to Tyson and Kaisha for reading our daily information today. Thank you to Ruby and Josh for reading out the roll call this morning. We are all feeling excited for Spring that is just around the corner, and we have noticed our trees in the courtyard have started to bloom. 


We continue to read our short novel with the children, The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark, written by Jill Tomlinson.

Today we explored more about barn owls and their life cycles, as well as researching information about their diet, habitat and behaviour.

Ms Handforth showed the children different ways to find and gather information from the Internet such as watching videos, using ‘how to tutorials’, reading child friendly websites with clear information and using images to give you information. She also introduced ‘bullet points’ to show each fact that the children want to include into their projects. Children were asked to draw a diagram of a Barn Owl and record facts about barn owls.


Children had the opportunity to finish yesterdays classroom object investigation using a ruler.

calvin measurement

Cooper Measuring with a ruler

dengs measuring unit. length

Dion and Josh Ruler

javeiria ruler

Kanye Length Activity

Measuring Units. By Felix

meters by sophia

ruler by yatin.n

Sonaritaruler activit

thierry ruler

After that, children were challenged to draw and measure lines according to measurements that were set by the teachers. Then children had a go at drawing their own lines, varying in measurements, and swapping their book with a friend.



Hayley and Ruby enjoyed a seesaw ride in log park:



Our Assembly prep continued this afternoon. We would love for all our parents and caregivers to join us and watch our assemblies. Please find the information below regarding each classes upcoming Assembly.

2JH & 2IB Assembly at 9am in the school Hall on Friday 6th September

2RG & 3JM Assembly at 9am in the school Hall on Friday 13th September (This is also Moon Lantern Shared Lunch)

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