Friday (Term 3: Week 6)

Happy Friday from 2RG & 2JH

Thank you to all the children and families who wore casual clothes today and made a donation for our upcoming Spring Fair which will be happening in October.

Our daily information was read out by two confident and brave students, Ruby and Hayley. Thank you to Sonarita for feeding Tiddels, our class turtle. Thanks to Monika, Josh and Amelia for doing the class roll.

After returning from Assembly, we read another chapter of our class novel, The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark written by Jill Tomlinson. 

Thank you to Mrs Rodgers for bringing in a handful of toy Owls for us to play with.

During the reading the chapter, Tyson told us that the word ‘distress’ means “….that you are stressed out”.

Freny told us that ‘full of beans’ means you have lots of energy.

We then had a ten minute playground break before recess:


Moon Lantern Making and Decorating/ Play Investigations

ICT Workshop

A handful of students within our double have recently discovered how to use their student email accounts, so the teachers thought it would be the perfect opportunity for those children to show their leadership and student agency. Thank you to Javeiria, Matthew, Amelia  for helping to teach the rest of the class how to use their school email accounts as well. As a class, we spoke about email safety and the important things we must remember when making, sending and receiving emails.

Hayley: Don’t mean or say mean things on email.

Cooper: Be kind to the people you are email.

Dion: Use appropriate words

Ruby: Don’t be negative.

Kanye: Only email friends and ignore.

Nyibol: Show the teacher or a parent.

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