Monday (Week 7: Term 3)

A warm welcome to …

 the first day of Week 7, the start of September and the season of …

and Mrs Giannakakis’ birthday:

Thank you to:

  • Krish and Jayden M for reading aloud our daily information and learning timetable
  • Matthew for feeding Tiddles, our class turtle
  • Freny and Olivia (2JH) Deng and Sophia, our superhero classroom assistants today

We noticed lots of things to look forward to on our September calendar, including: our buddy assemblies, several birthdays and special events such as Pyjama Day.



Today in T-Ball the students practised throwing skills from last week’s lesson and then moved on to catching using a T-Ball glove.


Today we shared the next chapter in our class novel. Chapter 3 involved Plop, our fledgling barn owl, meeting a Boy Scout, who told Plop that dark is fun!


The students were then asked to use key vocabulary on a Flipchart to write a sentence (or two) to say what Plop has discovered about the dark in the first three chapters of the text.


The afternoon was take up with 2JH meeting their buddies for assembly practice and 2RG engaging in investigations.


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