Wednesday (Term 3: Week 7)

A warm welcome to wonderful Wednesday in 2JH and 2RG.

  • to Ruby and Adau for reading our calendar information and learning timetable
  • to Amelia for feeding Tiddles the Class Turtle and our three fish
  • to Nyibol & Adau (2JH) and Ezekiel & Thierry (2RG) for being helpful classroom assistants today


Today, Mrs Giannakakis continued to present the Creation Story from the first book of the Bible’s Old Testament, Genesis. Students recalled what God created on each of the first seven days of creation. Mrs G then shared how the Bible describes the creation of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, and the Garden of Eden, which God asked Adam and Eve to look after with all his creations.

Students then completed their 100 languages representation of the Creation Story and were then invited to continue using their 100 languages to show how they care for God’s creation too.



In today’s chapter, Plop the fledgling barn owl discovered that dark is fascinating … having slept nearly all day, a lively and hungry Plop meets a ‘Mrs Father Christmas lady’, who is really an artist in a red coat and hat. The artist lady shows Plop her nature sketch book in which she is drawing two categories of animals: diurnal (animals that sleep at night and are awake in the day) and nocturnal (animals sleep in the day and are active at night). Some of the animals that the artist lady told Plop about were:

The children then used their 100 languages to create a new chapter for the book. A planning template was available to scaffold learning and remind the children what needed to be in their ‘Dark is…’ chapter.


We were treated to an interesting and informative presentation about living with our pets including:  council tags and micro-chipping, how to approach dogs, how to interpret the mood of a dog and how to identify dangerous dogs.

How can we help a lost dog finds it way home?

Yatin: They have like a tablet in their bodies. (microchip)

How can we be safe with dogs?

Tyson: A guardian is looking after the dog and kids.

Johnny: The dog has a fence.

Carter: They might run away.

Krish: The cat is in the cage [that keeps her safe].

Hayley: The animals are safe.

Krish: Cats hunt a mouse.

Kanye: Cats hunt a dog.

Ezekiel: Cats hunt a hamster.

How is the dog feeling?

Ruby: He scared because he is shaking his tail.

Role Play 1: Johnny, Kanye and Naomi  and Role Play 2: Hayley, Hannah and Thierry.

A key message was: NO owner, NO lead, NO pat!

What do we do near an angry dog?

Kaisha: Stand still [near an angry dog].

How do we ask to pat a dog?

Stop. Ask the owner: May I pat your dog please? Let the dog smell the back of your hand. Finally pat/stroke the dog on its back.

Calvin, Felix, Yatin, Josh, Freny, TJ, Katrina and My then got to role play this scenario and pat Rogue.

In the afternoon 2JH went to visit 3IB to rehearse for their assembly on Friday; 2Rg stayed in class and were visited by 3JM to plan and prepare for their assembly the following week.

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