Thursday (Term 3: Week 7)

Welcome to Thinking Thursday!

  • to Ruby and Hayley for reading our calendar information and learning timetable
  • to Vanessa  and Saara for taking the class roll
  • to Freny & Vanessa (2JH) and Kanye & Johnny (2RG) for being helpful classroom assistants today
  • to Kaisha for feeding Tiddles the class turtle



Today the children were introduced to measuring the perimeter of shapes. Using the shapes we created on Monday, we continued to use informal measuring units but this time to calculate the perimeter. Students did this by measuring all sides of a shape and then adding the lengths together.

Year 2 Cricket Clinic

Here at HFCS, we are so grateful to have Mr Pearce and Ms Cooyman’s as our P.E teachers. They have kindly organised a cricket clinic for our students and it was a blast!


Our lesson started with a recap of each chapter that we have read thus far.

In yesterday’s chapter, Plop the fledgling barn owl discovered that dark is fascinating … having slept nearly all day, a lively and hungry Plop meets a ‘Mrs Father Christmas lady’, who is really an artist in a red coat and hat. The artist lady shows Plop her nature sketch book in which she is drawing two categories of animals: diurnal (animals that sleep at night and are awake in the day) and nocturnal (animals sleep in the day and are active at night).

Today students investigated nocturnal and diurnal animals. Using a Flipchart with a Venn diagram, students sorted images of nocturnal animals from the diurnal animals. Some students needed to research before they could place an animal in the Venn diagram. 


Whilst 2RG made their way to Library, 2JH had their weekly P.E lesson.

After lunch, 2JH joined their buddies 3IB for their last assembly practise before their BIG day tomorrow.


Thank you to Krish for showing us his science experiment that he completed at home.


Thank you Amelia who shared her Minecraft world and a magic trick.

2RG Health: Character Strength 

Our focus character strength today was: Curiosity.

What is curiosity and how have you shown it?

Johnny: Curiosity is investigating.

Felix: Curiosity is exploring things.

Jayden: Curiosity is if you’re curious about something.

Thierry: Curiosity is if you want to learn something new.

Hayley: Curiosity means investigating different things.

Yatin: Curiosity is you don’t always do the same things, you need to do different things.

Javeiria: Curiosity is when you are interested in something.

Johnny: Curiosity is learning something new.

When playing with the bubbles, Mrs G asked us to think about the following questions……

After sharing our ideas, we used our curiosity to explore the magic of bubbles. Children responded to these provocations and here are their responses:

See you tomorrow for 2JH’s and 3IB’s Assembly at 9am in the school Hall

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