Wednesday (Term 3: Week 8)

  • Tristan and Linda for  leading morning organisation
  • Amelia and Ruby for feeding Tiddles the Turtle
  • Ezekiel & Saara and Monika & Thuy for being very helpful superhero classroom assistants

Here is our learning timetable and daily calendar information, which are read aloud and shared by our capable students: Carter and Tyson

Today we wished Felix a Happy Birthday for turning 8 years old …

Congratulation to the very eagle-eyed Amelia, who was the only person in class to be able to spot the difference between the three monkeys – can you?


Continuing with our learning about measurement: area, today children had one of two options to create their name using grids and then calculate its area. Option one was to do it digitally using a Flipchart whilst option two, was to use Math grid paper, and do the name by hand. After adding all the squares, students were encouraged to add the total of each letter. Today’s extension was to add all the totals to find the Area of the students whole name.

After Recess, 2RG joined 3JM on stage for an Assembly practise whilst 2JH remained in class and engaged in some Space themed Investigations.

Here was the provocation …


In today’s Fitness lesson, Students were divided into two teams: Builders and Bulldozers. Builders had to move within the given space to keep cones sitting the right way up. Bulldozers had to move around the given space turning cones upside down. The team with the most cones in their teams orientation won! Well done to the Builders for winning the most rounds today!

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