Tuesday (Term 3: Week 9)

Thank you to the following students:

  • Caroline and Matthew for leading morning organisation;
  • Thuy and Javeiria for calling out the roll;
  • Ezekiel for feeding Tiddles the class turtle;
  • Sophia & Jayden and Carter & Tyson for being great superhero assistants.


As our mini Math warm up, students played a game called “Which holds more’. Mrs. Giannakakis showed the students various sized containers whilst the students showed their answer. Whilst some student completed their work from yesterdays lesson, others did a sorting activity using the language of full, half full and empty. This was a provocation into our next measurement focus: capacity.

After Recess, 2RG had Spanish and Music. 2JH had Spanish and then returned to class for circle time.


At the beginning of Circle Time we always remind ourselves of the rules for a successful circle time.

  • We fill buckets (no put downs): Ruby
  • We have the right to pass: Carter
  • We can only talk when we are holding Mimi: Tyson

Today we were exploring curiosity, asking the question: What do I wonder about? After a couple of rounds discussing things we are curious about, we watched a short video about children’s natural curiosity. The narrator told us that when he was around 3-4 years old he asked about 300 questions each day; however, he also told us that by the time he was 9 years old, he was only asking around 140 questions a day. We discussed why this might be the case:

Freny: He’s been to school and done lots of learning.
Tyson: He’s got older and more clever.
Carter: He’s learned how to read so he can read about things.
Phuc: He can go on the internet and find things out.

We then explored some of the things we wonder about and question. Here are some things students in 2JH identified:


Ms. Handforth introduced our new class novel, George’s Marvellous Medicine, written by Roald Dahl.

After reading the first chapter, Grandma, students used describing words to help them draw an illustration of what they believe Grandma would look like. Whilst reading the book to the class, Mrs Handforth cleverly covered all pictures so not to give any clues away as to how the  illustrator, Quentin Blake, imagined Grandma to look like. The children focused in on the words and phrases that the author, Roald Dahl, uses to describe Grandma. Authors are good at painting pictures with words, and we wanted to see what pictures Dahl had painted of Grandma in the heads of our students.

Religion: After lunch, the students with a Made In The Image of God (Being Sexual) permission engaged in our first MITIOG lesson. The remaining children joined a variety of classes and did Writer’s Workshop. If you are yet to return your child’s note, please do so as soon as possible. For obvious reasons, this part of our learning will not be shared on our class blog. You child has been encouraged to share it with you.

After Lunch, the office ladies delivered some boxes to our classroom. Many children were curious about what was in the boxes so we used our curiosity and had some guesses.

Kevin: Garbage trucks

Phuc: Milk

Kanye: Experiments

Caroline: Lollies

Adau: Literacy resources

Thaison: Chemicals

Ezekiel: Pencils

Krish: TNT

Johnny: Art materials

Tino: Potions

Nyibol: Science things

As we are trying to build our patience, the children were left to wonder and we will reveal what’s in the boxes tomorrow. Do you know what’s in the box?

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