Thursday (Term 3: Week 9)

Thank you to:

  • Vanessa and Jayden B for leading morning organisation
  • Javeiria, TJ and Phuc for taking the class roll
  • TJPhuc and Dion & Calvin for being super assistants



Ms Handforth showed examples of students’ alliteration work from yesterday’s blogs. Well done to Katrina and Nyibol for having their learning shared with peers as examples of successful alliteration.

We also used our combined brain power to create two alliterative sentences for the ‘f’ sound. We noticed that the letters ‘ph’ can also make the same sound as ‘f’.

Kaisha and Thierry used their bravery to have a go at reading aloud the tongue twister that Mrs Handforth chose. This was Mrs Giannakakis’ favourite tongue twister. (P.S. Mrs Giannakakis said this tongue twister faster than anyone I ever met or heard! We were amazed! – Mrs Handforth).

Before the students, continued on with yesterdays A-Z alliteration activity, Mrs Handforth modelled how to generate an alliterative pattern using nouns, adjectives and verbs. Some students were also using adverbs. Students were also encouraged to use a children’s dictionary (words/pictures) to give them inspiration for words beginning with specific sounds.

Shared Reading

Whilst the students ate recess, Mrs Handforth read Chapter 3 of George’s Marvellous Medicine in which George starts to create his potion. There were some very unusual ingredients including: glossy shampoo, nail varnish, flea powder, mum’s lipsticks and even some shoe polish. Here is a picture of George mixing his carefully selected ingredients:



Ms Handforth read us a story called Picasso, written by Mike Venezia.

This books shares the life and work of the twentieth-century artist, describing and giving examples from his various periods or styles.

Students were asked to draw a portrait of their friends, family or themselves. Then using 2d shapes, students used the shapes to draw on different shapes so that their portraits are reflected in the same style as Picasso’s.

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