Student Blogs

Last week most of our students started to create and customise their own individual student blog. Students were shown how to login to their EduBlog and were asked to customise their headers and backgrounds. Time permitting, they were then typing their first posts.

We intend to continue to teach the basic of blogging next week so that our students are ready to blog about their learning and interests across Term 4. Blogs are usually transferred to the next year group class, so in this way, students can look back other learning and progress made.

Parents and carers, please note that all student blog posts and comments made on student blogs are sent to Mrs Handforth and Mrs Giannakakis for approval before they are uploaded. We hope that you will subscribe to your child’s blog and encouraged them to reflect on their learning by posting positive feedback. There is a subscribe button on the blogs so that you can do this. Please be advised that were are having teething problems with a small number of blogs, but we are hopeful that our helpful team can rectify these for us on Monday.

Meanwhile, take a quick look at some successful bloggers beginning their blogging adventure:

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