Monday (Term 3: Week 10)

Happy Monday and welcome to Week 10 from Rooms 3 and 4.

We have officially entered our last week of the school Term.


Thank you to the following students:

  • Javeiria & Saara and Caroline & Naomi for being awesome superhero classroom assistants for the day
  • Ruby for feeding our class turtle, Tiddles
  • Tyson and Kanye for leading morning roll call
  • Matthew for reading out our daily timetable

We also welcome Vyvian to our classroom for the week. Vyvian is a former Holy Family student, who is currently in Year 10 at St. Dominics. She is doing her work experience in our double class this week.


Our shared reading novel, George’s Marvellous Medicine was our inspiration for todays Numeracy investigations. Using our learning on capacity, children made a marvellous potion by measuring out spoonful of friendly ingredients. Children used their creativity to record what their potion will do if consumed. It was a fun filled lesson with lots of hands on learning.

Before making their marvellous medicine, Mrs Giannakakis asked, What is the capacity of this plastic cup (using the measuring unit of millilitres)?

Ezekiel: 5mls

Felix: 6mls

Yatin: 4.5 ml

Jayden M:  10 ml

Thaison: 150 ml

Then Mrs Giannakakis showed the students what 250mls of water looks like. This gave the students a second chance to consider their answer.

Sarah: 250 ml

Tyson: 150ml

Krish: 230 ml

Amelia: 100 ml

Ruby: 650 ml

Kaisha: 100 ml

Our final answer was 225ml after Yatin and Krish did some maths and discovered the plastic cup took 225ml of the 250mls of water we initially had.

After Recess, 2RG had their final T-ball clinic with Mr Pearce. Here are the happy snaps thanks to Amelia.

After 2RG’s T-Ball lesson, they had Health. In 2RG, our focus character strength for today was ‘Judgement’. After discussing what we thought Judgement was, Josh shared another way we can look at Judgement. He used the idea from Jesus’ teaching. We shared the difference between having a judgement based on someone and having a judgment based on a decision we need to make. Today, Children learnt that Judgement is in fact a positive character strength.

The activity was to have some fun and create This or That! After playing a game of ‘This or That’ (where students moved to the correct side of the room to make their judgement), students had a hog at making their own This or That poster.

We played a game of This or That, using these examples!

After Recess, 2JH went to Spanish followed by T-ball with Mrs Handforth.


Our literacy lesson was also inspired by our shared text, George’s Marvellous Medicine. Students were asked to make a potion or a spell, then described what their potion/spell will do once cast. Students had to give their potion/spell a title and then write a list of ingredients using describing words and the use of dot points. This was modelled as a class. Thank you to Jayden M, Sophia, Ruby, Thaison and Calvin  for contributing ideas towards our class example.

After lunch, the students returned to class and engaged in some Mindfulness. Using chalk and black card, students created mandalas. The teachers played mindful music to help support our slow breathing and mindfulness.

‘Marvellous Medicine’ Investigations

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