Tuesday (Term 3: Week 9)

Welcome to Tuesday, Week 10!

Here’s our learning for today:


  • My & Krish and Sonarita & Sophia for being helpful assistants
  • Nyibol for feeding the class turtle, Tiddles
  • Josh and Jayden for calling the class roll


Using our shared writing from Monday, the list of ingredients we generated for our magical potion, Mrs Handforth continued to take suggestions from the children to write the procedure for using the ingredients and combining them to make the potion.

There were many awesome suggestions from lots of eager students. This was the piece of shared writing we produced collaboratively today. We highlighted the connectives in yellow and the ‘bossy’ (imperative) verbs in pink.


The students then proceeded to write their instructions for making magic happen. Well done to everyone for giving it their best effort; Mrs H and Mrs G were really proud of the writing produced today.


Today, Mrs Giannakakis asked the children to fill a cup with coloured water  – either half fall or three-quarters full.  She then read them the story of Mr Archimedes’ Bath by Pamela Allen.

You can listen to the story here:

The children then had to raise the volume of the water in their cup in order to make it full. Students used cubes and other materials to raise the volume of liquids and then recorded their learning in their numeracy books.


Today we went for a bush walk in Australia and met all different sorts of creatures from kangaroos to dingos and snakes to spiders. Look at the shapes we made! Welcome to Kickapoo the Kangaroo ….


Today students with parental permission undertook the second of two lessons focusing on the ‘Being Sexual’ strand of the ‘Made In the Image of God’ learning. Students without parental permission went to other classes to complete a task designing a medicine bottle for George to put his ‘Marvellous Medicine’ in.

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