Wednesday (Term 3: Week 10)

Welcome to Happy Wednesday in 2RG & 2JH

Thank you to the following students:

  • Sarah & Amelia and Nyibol & Ruby for being awesome superhero classroom assistants for the day
  • Javeiria and Olivia for leading morning roll call
  • Katrina for reading out our calendar and Hannah for reading out our daily timetable


Friendship Play Investigations

Being a friend, making friends and sustaining friendships are vital parts of growing for our children. These all help to support their social and emotional development. Today in 2RG & 2JH, children engaged in ‘friendship’ based provocations. We started our investigations with a shared provocation story called, Have you filled a bucket today?

You can listen to the story here:

This book encouraged us to think about the positive things we do within our friendships rather than focusing on what ‘NOT’ to do! The book uses language that we use everyday in our class. Enjoy the photos from today’s investigations and we hope that someone filled your bucket today!


Students had the opportunity to finish yesterdays Spell/Potion Procedure and add their final touches. Before that, Ms Handforth read the next chapters of our shared text, George’s Marvellous Medicine. Todays chapter was called, ‘Grandma gets the medicine’. Early finishers, had the opportunity to continue on with their friendship investigations.

Outdoor Play/Fish Farm and Adventures of Tiddles

ICT: Blogging 

Last week, many children set up their own personal blog. They were asked to customise their blog, so it represents their identity, and then create a post introducing themselves and/or share a piece of learning that they are proud of. Today’s extension activity was to add a photo into their post and also email a loved one and ask them to subscribe to their blog.

Please note that you can find the link to your child’s blog on the class’ blog, along the right hand side.

From there, enter your email on your child’s blog and you’ll be their biggest fan!

See you tomorrow for Terrific Thursday!


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