Friday (Term 3: Week 10)

Happy Friday from 2RG & 2JH!

Today is the last day of the Term and we are excited to share our busy day of learning before we all break for a 2 week holiday.

Thank you to the following students:

  • Sarah & Hannah and Matthew & Jayden for being awesome superhero classroom assistants for the day
  • Sarah and Phuc for leading morning roll call
  • Adau and Thuy for reading out our daily timetable


Pyjamas Day

It was so wonderful to see so many students wearing their PJ’s to school in support of next Term’s Spring Fair.

We are looking for parent and caregivers who would be willing to volunteer an hour, or so, of their time on the day of Spring Fair at one of our stalls. If this is something you can do, please email your classroom teacher and we can assign you to a stall. The class with the most volunteers will win a special prize from Mrs Hawks and we’d love it to be us. 


Today’s Assembly was hosted by 2PN & 5/6E! It featured dancing, music and STEAM and experiments. The Assembly was based on the story, ‘Danny’s Toy Box’, written Richard Tulloch.

After Recess 2JH went to the Library with Miss Nguyen whilst 2RG blogged their SMART Goals.


ICT: Blogging my SMART goals

Children were asked to create blog post sharing their learning goals for Term 4. Head over to your child’s blog to see what learning goals they have set for themselves for their last Term as a Year 2 student. Whilst you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to their blogs.





 Play Investigations

Each Friday, students are invited to use their 100 Languages and investigate their wonders.

Today we had the sad job of farewelling another one of our students/peers. Goodbye and good luck to Sarah and her family as they move on to new adventures. Sarah had a lovely day being celebrated by her teachers and peers!

Here are some oil the students sharing their speck of gold about Sarah:

Naomi: Sarah is nice

Adau: She is helpful

Nyibol: She is kind

Kaisha: She is filled with happiness

Saara: She’s very kind

Vyvian: She is very energetic

Hannah: She is caring and kind

Javeiria: She ias respectful

Caroline: She cheers people up

TJ: That she can be a very good friend

Tyson: She is full of joy

Matthew: She is very smart

Ruby: She makes me happy

Thierry: She’s cheerful.

Kanye: She is kind

Amelia: Sarah and her sisters lets me play with them and they let me play with them.

Thank you to our learners, parents and caregivers for another wonderful Term! We wish you all a safe and happy term break and look forward to seeing you at the start of Term 4 on 14th October!

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