Wednesday (Term 4: Week 1)

Welcome to Wednesday in Room 3 & 4

Today the teachers would like to extend a big thank you to:

  • Amelia and Indi for reading aloud our daily information from the calendar and Wednesday learning timetable;
  • Tino  (2RG) and  Phuc (2JH) for taking the class roll;
  • Nyibol and Ruby Calvin and Sonarita for being helpful classroom assistants, who didn’t need to be reminded, proactively carrying out their duties.



Today the students were divided into two workshops. Workshop one continued to work on their balancing scale activity whilst Workshop 2 engaged in measurement-play based games. Today’s grouping was swapped over from yesterday’s Numeracy lesson.

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

In Week 3, on Thursday 31st October, 2RG & 2JH will be hosting a Mass at 11:30 a.m. to celebrate ‘All Saints Day’.

Today the students were asked if they would like to have a speaking part. Speaking parts were assigned to those children who volunteered. All speaking parts will be sent home shortly.

We hope to see all our parent and caregivers join us on the Thursday for this Mass.


Mrs Handforth asked, ‘How do we know the difference between an insect and a bug?‘ Mrs Handforth shared that she always remembered that insects have 6 legs and their bodies are made of three parts. Then, Mrs Handforth read us some interesting facts about stick insects.

Tyson told us that stick insects have an exoskeleton: ‘It is just like a shell on the outside and it protects them from predators.’

What is a predator?

Indi: Something that wants to eat or kill something.

What do you think would like to eat a stick insect?

Adau: A bird

Yatin: A baby stick insect will be eaten by gecko and lizards.

Johnny: A wolf

Ruby: Ants, all ants.

Ezekiel: A frog.

Josh: A toad

Kanye: A human because they run fast.

After a whole class discussion, students watched a short provocation about stick insects. You can watch it here:

Students were encouraged to use online texts, websites and videos (links to some of these were offered, but students were free to explore other sources of informaiton) to ascertain facts about insects and then consider how to present these using their 100 languages.

Indi worked independently to produce an ActivInspire Flipchart about Stick Insects, featuring an interactive quiz. She shared her Flipchart and asked her peers to complete the quiz as she read the questions aloud. You can view Indi’s quiz here: Indi stick insect quiz.

Thaison and Krish worked as a team to research facts about stick insects. They then selected images of stick insects from the internet and combined music, graphics and text to create a shot video using iMovie. You can watch their video here: Stick Insects by Thaison and Krish

My worked independently to create a hand written text featuring facts about stick insects, including: diet, habitat and life-cycle”

Play Investigations inspired by learning about Sun Safety

Today Mrs Giannakakis introduced UV and SPF in sunscreen.



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