Wednesday (Term 4: Week 4)

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday in Room 3 & 4

and Happy World Kindness Day

A reminder about the upcoming events which we are involved in this term, including:

  • Junior Primary (Receptions to Year 2) Disco on Friday 15th October, 6-7 pm in the school hall.
  • Year 2 Sport’s Excursion on Wednesday 13th November (note was sent home yesterday and needs your urgent attention. Please return permission note and $10 as soon as possible so your child doesn’t miss out. We also need 3 parent helpers each. Please see the teachers if you are able to volunteer on the day.
  • Carols Night on Friday 6th December at 6pm in our school hall. (More information to come).
  • 2RG Class Liturgy celebrating Advent on 26th November at 12noon.

Yesterday we sang Happy Birthday to Sophia for Sunday 3rd November. Thank you to Sophia and her family for sending some fun party bags to share with the double class.

Today the teachers would like to extend a big thank you to:

  • Indi and Nyibol for reading aloud our daily information from the calendar and Wednesday’s learning timetable;
  • Deng  (2RG) and Phuc (2JH) for taking the class roll;
  • Deng and Sonarita (2RG) and Carolina and Naomi (2JH) for being our awesome class helpers.



Today’s warm up for Numeracy was ‘What’s that 3D shape Quiz’.

Following on from Monday and Tuesday investigations based on 3D Shapes, the differentiated activities were as follows:

Vanessa and Katrina

my shapes nature classroom MONIKA


My’s 3D Shape word mat

Caroline 3D Shape word mat

naomi 3D Shape word mat


Today’s shared text reflects our investigations focus for the week: Healthy Eating. In this text, Olivia’s Vegetables, written by Vivian French.

With a bit of help from his grandfather, Oliver soon discovers that life exists beyond french fries. This fresh and funny book, with immensely appealing artwork by a talented newcomer, will delight young readers. It may also get them to eat their spinach.

Using ActivInspire, students created their own story of Oliver’s Vegetables.  To assist them in this task, they looked at an example by a student their own age. They were also given a visual story map and the spellings of the days of the week, as Oliver tries a new vegetable each day.

These stories are in working progress and students will have time tomorrow to continue on with them 🙂

Felix and Yatin Oliver’s Vegetables coopers oliver vegetables Hayley Olivers Vegetables javeiria olivas vectables Johnny Oliver’s vegtabal Kanye Olivers Vegetables Kevin Linda Hannah Olivers vegetables Mia and amelia olivers vegetables Olivar by Ezkiel. Oliver By Tino And Deng Oliver veggie JAYDEN&KENNY Olivers vegtrables by josh and dion Sonaritas Oliver Vegetables By Caroline and naomi Oliver story My Oliver’s vegetables Oliver Adau JAYDEN MOK oliver by krish and carter oliver by matthew Oliver by Thuy Oliver by Tristan Oliver’s veg by Tyson and Thiason


In Fitness we played a game called Disco Chasey. Four students were the chasers whilst the others had to run. When caught, they stand still. To save a friend, students had to dance for 10 seconds. The students had a lot of laughs and loved it.

Watch a video of the game by clicking here.

Investigations: Healthy Living

Today’s topic-based provocations focused on healthy eating. After a brief introduction, the children chose from a range of activities focusing on fruit and vegetables. hat brought us to the end of another busy day. The children had the opportunity to make a  Fruit Kebab with their peers, as well as making and sampling some Greek Salad.


Yesterday we explored significant Catholic Places and looked closely at Catholic Cathedrals, Chapels and Churches. Students shared their ideas and observations when looking at a variety of famous Christian Churches from around the world. After exploring the significant places, students used their creativity to explore their ideas of either a Cathedral, Chapel or Church. Many children chose to design their work in Minecraft. These are working progress’ and students will be finishing them next week during Religion.

2JH Circle Time
This week’s character strength focus was … HUMOUR! Yesterday, 2JH students thought about what humour is and what things they find funny.


After this, Mrs Handforth showed the class a video of children’s Poet Laureate Michael Rosen performing his  poem, Chocolate Cake, in which he tells the story of when he was a young boy, he snuck down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to steal chocolate cake  …. Michael Rosen performs his poem in a very funny way and he elicited lots of laughter form 2JH students, especially Tyson (who laughed so much that he got a belly ache and had tears streaming down his face!). See if it makes you laugh too ….

Finally, with a ten minute timer on, students grouped together to try and plan something to make their peers laugh. We enjoyed showing and performing these to 2RG when they returned from their Sport Lesson. Everyone had a good laugh!

Have a happy evening and remember to smile, Jo and Rita


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