Monday (Term 4: Week 5)

Welcome to Week 5 in Rooms 3 & 4.
It is going to be a good week!

EventsA reminder about the upcoming events which we are involved in this term, including:

    • Physical Education Week Come and Try Day on this Wednesday November 13. Please return permission notes as soon as possible.
    • Junior Primary (Receptions to Year 2) Disco this Friday 15th October at 7pm in the school hall.
      Thank you to those parents/relatives who have already told us that they can support us on the trip as volunteer helpers … we still need volunteers so if you have some same spare time Wednesday, we would love to hear from you.
    • 2RG Class Liturgy celebrating Advent on 26th November at 12noon in our classroom.
    • Carols Night on Friday 6th December at 6pm in our school hall. (More information to come).

Thank you to Jayden M for reading out our November Calendar.

Thank you to Phuc for reading out our learning timetable for Monday


Today we looked at what makes a 3D shape 3 dimensional. Faces, Edges and Vertices/Corners! Using our 3D net shapes that were made last week, students created, in pairs, an informative powerpoint describing the properties of as many 3D shapes as possible. We will be continuing on with these this week.

Deng 3D Shapes Powerpoint Tino and EZEKIEL3D Shapes Powerpoint 2 3D Shapes Powerpoint by yatin and josh 3D Shapes Powerpoint 3D Shapes Powerpoint.pptx thierry and dion Amelia 3D Shapes Powerpoint Cooper 3D Shapes Powerpoint Felix and Kanye’s 3D Shapes Powerpoint Hannah and Linda 3D Shapes Powerpoint JAYDENB KENNY BOI3D Shapes Powerpoint Kevin 3D Shapes Powerpoint Mia 3D Shapes Powerpoint 3D Shapes Powerpoint Thuy 3D Shapes Thuy Caroline and My and naomi 3d.shapes pptx Jayden 3D Shapes Powerpoint Krish 3d shapes matthew and yusuf 3d Shapes Powerpoint MONIKA 3D Shapes Powerpoint phuc 3D Shapes Powerpoint Ruby Thaison and carter 3D Shapes Powerpoint Tyson and Katrina Vanessa and olivia3D Shapes Powerpoint


Today we focused on completing our digital retelling of Oliver’s Vegetables. In Shared Writing, Mrs Handforth modelled how to read and edit writing to improve the accuracy of punctuation, spelling and grammar, as well as considering if adding extra detail would make the story more interesting and informative for the reader.

Students were then asked to review and edit their writing thus far, and – for those still composing their text – complete their retellings of the story in their own words.







Play Investigations

Today’s investigations presented many provocations focusing on Remembrance Day. Thank you to the schools leadership for hosting a Remembrance Day service at 11am for the whole school. Students did a wonderful job at sitting in a 2 minute silence.

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