Friday (Term 4: Week 7)

This week, our double has been learning about Ecology and linking it to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our class has learnt about these goals and ways we can make a difference throughout the year.

After a week of investigations, children had the opportunity to share and continue their work.. Each students showed excellent student agency when working on their projects and presenting their understanding today.

deng looking after the earth

Ezekiel Earth

6 days to save the world dion 6 ways I can help our eart Josh Kanye 5 WAYS HOW I LOOK AFTE THE EARTH 

krish save the earth monika environment 5ways Thuy 5 ways i can help the environment

Thank you to Tyson and Javeiria for reading out the daily information and calendar. Our students are so confident in reading a calendar and speaking of and referring to days of the week, months of the year and seasons because of their engagement each morning in our daily organisation.

2RG & 2JH Library

Yesterday 2RG made their way over to the Library. Today, 2JH had their turn. Thank you to Linda (2RG)  for being the modelled reader this week. They read the focus text, The First Christmas,  written by Jess Racklyeft. A beautifully illustrated story book and the story of Christmas. This book will lead us to next weeks learning around Christmas. Please know that next week children will return their books and not be borrowing again as the Library prepares for end of year stocktake.


Yesterday in Numeracy student played ‘Pick Em’ a game where they represented a fraction using unifix cubes. Students were given some fractions and invited to extend their learning by creating their own examples. Once finished, students added ‘toppings’ to a pizza using AcvtiveInspire and recorded the fraction of each topping. This will prepare us for next week craft pizza/fraction activity.

Health: Keeping Safe

Yesterday in health, Mrs Giannakakis asked the children what comes to mind when they hear ‘children’s rights’. Here were some of the responses:

Mrs Giannakakis then read a picture book made by UNICEF called ‘For Every Child‘, written by John Burningham and illustrated by many wonderful illustrators.

In 1989 the United Nations formally adopted fifty-four principles that make up the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. For this breathtaking picture book the fourteen declarations that are most relevant to children’s everyday lives have been retold by Caroline Castle in a simple, evocative text, each one interpreted in a stunning double-page illustration by a different artist from around the world. These well-known contributors include two Americans, both major award-winners: Jerry Pinkney and Rachel Isadora.UNICEF has declared that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child “stands alone as the single most comprehensive instrument of human rights law”. However, not nearly enough people know of this important document’s existence, and the new Millennium has presented the opportunity to draw attention to these rights.

After discussing ideas, students created colourful and informative posters promoting children rights. Ms Handforth and Mrs. G were so impressed with the level of thinking and effort that went into this activity.

Play Investigations 

As always, the children look forward to their Friday Play. In 2RG and 2JH we provide children with many opportunities to wonder and explore. We also give opportunities were children can explore provocations given to them or topics based on what’s happening in the world around them. It has been amazing to see how our double has evolved over a year of investigating within Room 3 & 4. Many children were unsure of their interests and how to ‘play’ and ‘investigate’ at the start of the year. Inquiry is a learnt skill but I believe children are naturally curious. So, with some hard work and a variety of play based opportunities, children are now showing improved skills in wonderings, researching, playing for purpose and inquiring. I found this simple visual that describes just some of the wonderful things that can happen during play.

Happy Weekend and we look forward to seeing you in Week 8. Our Carols Night is only 7 days away!


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