Catholic Identity

‘Catholic education is based on Gospel values that place an emphasis on the spiritual dimension of students’ lives and their faith development. These values such as respect, dignity, equality, compassion, truth, love and mercy – while widely-held in the wider community, become personalised and are articulated in the religious dimension of the Catholic faith.’ (Catholic Education South Australia).

At Holy Family we invite students with the opportunity to express their faith and knowledge through the Religious Education curriculum (Crossways), prayer, masses, liturgies, and sacramental and whole school celebrations. We support their spirituality and learning by providing them with the resources to actively participate and celebrate God’s love.


Our APRIM, Michael Urdanoff, is the Assistant Principal in Charge of the Religious Mission of the school. He regularly uploads  engaging and reflective blog posts on his APRIM BLOG – well worth a visit!

Other faiths

As a community, we welcome families from many different faiths, and we also focus on understanding and recognising the range of faith experiences within our community. We say that our diversity is a strength.

As a community, we celebrate special occasions and festivals throughout the academic year, representing some of the many faiths practised within our school community, such as Diwali and

CESA (Catholic Education South Australia)

CESA recently released it’s Living, Learning, Leading Framework, a foundation for understanding what we do in Catholic Education – who we are, what we value and how we partner with our families to ensure our students thrive.

For more information visit the CESA website where there is a special section for Parents.

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