Wednesday (Week 10, Term 2)

Our shared reading focus today was… WHERE CAPITALS GO. A catchy rhyme helped us to remember exactly where they go, fixing and re-writing a sentence from our book that didn’t have ANY capitals!

Literacy Investigations

Then it was time for Maths Mini, an opportunity to hone and develop our number skills. Next term we will be using the Maths site ‘Prodigy’ for Maths Mini. We had a go at logging in today and bookmarking the site on our laptops. After recess we got to explore the islands in the game, leveling up by answering mathematical questions!

Following lunch we shared in mindfulness before beginning art investigations. Today we investigated origami and created a variety of different animals all with paper! It was great to see the perseverance of students who didn’t get it right first go.

TWO days to go!