Friday (Week 2, Term 2)


WOW! What a great example of the character strength BRAVERY! We are so proud of each and every student in 2RS and 2JH. Their positive attitudes, stage presence and awesome acting made today’s production MAGNIFICENT!

Assembly Reflection

My favourite part was being an animal. -James

My favourite part was leaping over the stream. -Riya

My favourite part was that I was a frog and I went next to the bears. -Lauren

I liked when all the children were watching us. -Lia

I liked the assembly with all the animals. -Nikita

My favourite part was when Mr Slater took my line “Please look to your teachers” -Bon

When we were on stage I felt nervous but when I was speaking I felt brave. -Farah

I liked the Mother’s Day video of us with all our mums. -Alix

I liked when I said “ROAR!” -Aguot

I liked when the curtains were opening. -Kayla

I liked when the bravery song came on. -Blessings

We earnt a marble for our efforts that was worth FIVE! That meant that we had reached 80 marbles and got to go outside to the playground as a reward!

After recess it was investigations time with lots of creating and imaginative play happening!

After lunch we did an assembly reflection and then our buddies had organised fitness games for us… SO MUCH FUN TODAY!

Then we finished the day with two fun books from the Underpants Series… ‘Monsters Love Underpants’ and ‘Aliens love Dinopants’


52 thoughts on “Friday (Week 2, Term 2)

  1. Hi Buddies,

    Thank you for presenting a creative and wonderful Assembly. I loved all the costumes and the fun you had. I think you’re amazing!
    -Mrs. Giannakakis

    • HI BUDDIES! Great assembly by the way If your name is Lucas well then HI I’m going to be your new buddie and my name is Raymond.


  2. Hello Terese, I am here to tell you you were an amazing person, and you did so good in the assembly, you’re amazing Terese!!!! 🙂

  3. Hello Sopeaktra

    Today at assembly you did an amazing job being a crow. It wasn’t just you who was good it was your whole class. You did really well at your part and you should be proud.

  4. Hello kids!

    I loved your assembly so much, because I personally love animals. Terese, you did so well in the play, I could easily see you!

  5. Hi buddies,
    I really loved you’re assembly today. It was very fun to watch and I can’t wait to do an assembly with you guys. I particularly liked the beginning when I saw Jeffery sitting at the front. The music was great and it was the best assembly ever!

  6. Hi Buddies,

    Your assembly was so amazing and is one of the best assemblies I have watched at Holy Family. My buddy, Farah, you were so confident in the way you talked and you said your script clearly as well. I am so proud of you Farah and that costume of yours made you look so good! 😆
    The other buddies were so confident as well and I love the costumes and the headwear. That must have taken you quite long, didn’t it?

    Your assembly was so creative and amazing and I hope to see another assembly with us just as amazing as that one!
    – Teresa Tran, Farah’s buddy.

  7. To the year 2RS and 2JH class buddies

    You made a fantastic assembly!, I really did love your assembly especially the mothers day pray!.You all did fantastic and great.

  8. Hi Buddies,

    I loved your assembly today and my favorite part was when you guys had that circle and people did their talents like dancing and cartwheels. Stacey is my buddy and I thought her bunny hat was cute and it looks like a hat from a game.

    ~ Carlo Yap, 2017

  9. GREAT assembly very interesting. I liked Stephens hat he made and he did a good job helping out back stage. Good job overall 2RS and 2JH

  10. Hey buddies,

    Thanks for a fantastic and fulfilled assembly that you presented for us this morning. I especially loved the play that you class presented to us with all the animals and with every single student working together to make the assembly happen smoothly. It was awesome!


  11. Hello,

    I really enjoyed your assembly. It was really intriguing and fascinating, the Mother’s Day video was my favorite part and the comedy in the assembly was outstanding.

    -Jayden (Charlie’s buddy)

  12. Hi Buddies,

    I loved your Assembly, as well as my Buddy, I loved as Hong Phuc was playing the baby bear and she was really good.

    From Isabella.A

  13. Hi 2RS & RJH,

    Loved your assembly, really wonderful and creative. Loved seeing all the buddies and them enjoying the assembly.

    Kind Regards Karan From 6/7 JW

  14. Hi Buddies,

    I loved your wonderful assembly. Once thing that I like the best is the Mother Day’s iMovie. I think your assembly is amazing, thank you for a wonderful assembly

    – Vivian Pham

  15. hi buddies

    great assembly it was very good I had a lot of fun watching I really like the animals song and the pray good job and Codie reading part good job

    from jack

  16. HI,
    You guys did a really good job with your assembly. When the assembly started I could tell that each buddy had avery important job. Especially those without a speaking part, they helped create the scene, as woodland creatures and making the sound affects. Even though I couldn’t see what each buddy was as an animal, every one did a good job.


  17. Hi.

    You guys did a really great assembly I liked the bit when you Leah and the group of people yelled out ROAR and I also liked how your assembly had a bravery video.

    – Isabella M

  18. Hi everyone

    Thank you for presenting a great assembly ran by you all.
    I like that everyone was able to say a part about how they were brave one time and my buddy (Kayla) you did great with your acting and you were able to keep all of your costume together also great artwork

  19. your assembily was grate and I liked your hats and costumes and how you guys did a story and it was amazing

  20. Hi Nikita,

    I really like your assembly today, I loved it how you all made your animal hats, they where so cute and how you all started dancing when the song started coming up, I loved your assembly.
    -Vinh Nguyen

  21. Hi Buddies,

    I liked your assembly and I just wanted to point out that I thought it was good (For your age)
    I like the story and the bit in the mother’s day

    – From Shivansh Pant

  22. Hi Jeffery,
    I am your new buddy. you don’t know me because I am new, but you must be knowing about Felicia, I am her friend…

    I really like your assembly, it was my first buddy class assembly.
    I really loved it …

    – Ravneet 😜

  23. Hello Buddies

    I loved your assembly it was so creative and original and I loved the costumes, masks, and the story. You all must’ve had fun. Great job buddies! PS Nice hat Bon.
    – Alex Huynh

  24. It was an amazing assembly and I am so proud of my buddy Josh he played the daddy bear in the story. LOVED THE ASSEMBLY!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hi 2RS and 2JH

    I really love your assembly it was amazing, I really love the theme of your assembly. The song in the video was really catchy and it really made me have lots of emotion. And I can’t wait till we would have our buddy assembly together.

    From: Apple

  26. Hey Buddies,

    Thank you for presenting a wonderful Assembly. I loved the Prayer, it was very touching. Great job year 2’s and Lia.

  27. Hello, I loved your assembly today, it was very interesting and I can tell that you guys put a lot of effort to make your assembly amazing. It was very fun to watch and it definitely made me smile and laugh.
    Your assembly today really stood out from the rest, I really enjoyed it.
    Keep up the good work!
    – Thuy Do

  28. Hi buddies

    Thank you Stefan for helping back stage you were awesome, the assembly was fantastic and everyone was brave to present it to the whole school unlike me, I’m very scared and might mess up. Good job!

  29. Hi Buddies,

    I liked your awesome Assembly, and my buddy the whole thing was cool, mostly the dance.
    ~From Gabriel 6/7 JW

  30. to Buddies
    your Buddies Assembly was amazing i loved to see my Buddy tori in the Assembly Thanks .
    from Ethan

  31. I really enjoyed watching your assembly. I really loved seeing all the art that anyone made, everything was so colourful and fun. Bhavya had very nice and colourful paintings.

    – Charli

  32. Hello buddies,

    Big thank you for showing us your amazing assembly about bravery and zest, I really liked the fact that you guys were so creative and amazing. My favourite part was the slide show of the students and all of your mothers, because there was not only just students there was also teachers.

    Thank you for sharing the assembly with us,

    Caleb Pride

  33. Hey, Buddies!
    I loved your assembly! It was creative and fun! I loved your outfit Sing! I absolutely love bunnies!


  34. hi buddies
    wonderful assembly today. Even thou one of the bears mic was of he still went on with his parts. I think it was put together really well. Over all great good buddies

  35. Hi buddies

    I love you Assembly and your creative ideas. I love you bee outfit Marley. You all did fantastic

  36. I loved watching your assembly today, it was funny and interesting and funny, I can’t wait to do a shared Assembly with you!


  37. Hi Buddies.

    That Was a great assembly and Kyla you were a good bear and I liked that fox you draw it was really good Thank You

    -James Mao

  38. I really loved how creative all of your clothing and props you were so creative and I loved how you all did your awesome and amazing dance moves I just wish you could teach me how you do it.

    My buddy and all the other members did amazing.

    Thank you for this amazing assembly of yours.

    From Noah

  39. Hi Agout,
    I saw you in the assembly. Your handstand was the best. I even saw you clapping with the song. You made some Year 7’s clap with you as well. Your assembly was the best and it brightened my day. 🙂

  40. hi

    today it was your assembly and i loved it and it was one of the best a assembly that i have saw this year. and i think Haden had a good hat

    • Sorry you missed the assembly Jai. I hope you are feeling better soon. We look forward to seeing you back t school 🙂

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