Tuesday (Week 7, Term 2)

We hope you all enjoyed a fun-filled long weekend! Here is our timetable for terrific Tuesday…

We began organisation with a fresh owl themed calendar and discussed the upcoming events for June.

Following organisation we began discussion about one of our class values TEAM WORK. We use this value every day at school and because it is so important, we decided to start the morning with a TEAM WORK CHALLENGE. Firstly, students created a team name and found out what their team project would be… The Egg Drop Challenge

When Mrs Sharman was on YouTube over the weekend, she saw an awesome video of a group of High School students using their scientific inquiry skills to save a dropping egg from cracking.

They needed to work out how to slow down the speed of the egg, as well as cushioning the egg from impact. Mrs Sharman and Mrs Handforth agreed that this isn’t just a team challenge for teenagers, we knew our Year 2’s would be able to work together to create a device to SAVE THAT EGG!

After designing and making our egg saving contraptions it was time to view our shared reading text for this week ‘Dora’s Eggs’.

Our focus for today was understanding the tricky words in the text; for comprehension purposes and to extend our vocabularies!

Then we had a look through our literacy activities that are based on the text. Lots to explore this week including spelling, reading, nouns and even onomatopoeia (words that imitate natural sounds)…

Due to our public holiday we tried to get TWO literacy rotations in today, so no one would miss out!

Our audiobooks had a range of fiction and non-fiction options all around the theme of CHICKENS!

Our handwriting group had to work independently this week using a visual prompt (featured below) to guide them and support correct letter formation. After completing three rows, students needed to use dictionaries to help them find words that begin with the same letter and then continued on to sentence making.

After recess it was time to begin Numeracy. We are learning about measurement using informal units. We used cubes, paper clips, counters and rulers to measure different items in the class. But first, we had to estimate (make a clever guess), then we measured and finally we recorded our findings in a table in our numeracy journal.

Then it was time for the EGG DROP CHALLENGE.

And the results are in…

A big congratulations to all students for their awesome team work! It was great to hear the students encouraging each other and congratulating each team, even if their egg got injured in the process 🙁

How lovely it was to see and hear the joy of our classes in the courtyard on this lovely sunny day!

After lunch it was time for our specialist lessons Spanish and Music. That means planning time for Mrs Handforth and Mrs Sharman; creating more fun lessons for the weeks to come!

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