Thursday (Week 7, Term 2)

We started this morning with a riddle. Can you work it out?

Our learning for Thursday looks like this…

After a busy morning of Sport, Library and Circle Time our classes were back together to do Numeracy. We continued our discussion about measurement, creating estimates and using handspans to explore the length of different objects in the class.

We then went out into the courtyard and attempted measuring using feet. We measured from one side of the courtyard to the other! And here are our results…

126 feet – Mrs Sharman

90 feet – Arnav

400 feet – Lucas

140 feet – Hayden

102 feet – Alex

409 feet – Minh-Vuong

110 feet – Marley

160 feet – Blessings

105 feet – Leah

156 feet – Riya

50 feet – Christina

108 feet – Bon

80 feet – Stacey

100 feet – Terese

500 feet – James

108 feet – Farah

300 feet – Bhavya

600 feet – Lia

140 feet – Hong-Phuc

1000 feet – Stefan

149 feet – Charlie

9000 feet – Sopheaktra

125 feet – Kayla

200 feet – Paxton

Then it was time for recess! After that we came back in for two rounds of literacy investigations. Before we got started we learned about ONOMATOPOEIA!

Lots of learning happening in our Literacy investigations today. We also discovered the names for animal babies lots of which are in our shared  book ‘Dora’s Eggs’…

After doing guided reading the Punctuation Penguins wrote about what they had learned. Here is Minh-Vuong’s work…. Well done Penguins!

Editing, guided reading, sight words and sentences… All in a days work for our fabulous year 2’s!

After lunch 2RS went to the library whilst 2JH joined in circle time. Our book today was called “Go home, Cheeky Animals”. The animals in the book lived in Canteen Creek where there are cheeky dogs everywhere. But when the cheeky goats, donkeys, buffaloes and camels make mischief in the camp the dogs just lie there until those pesky animals really go to far. Then the cheeky camp dogs roar into action.

“I liked everything about it.” -Marley

“I liked that the animals make a mess.” -Lauren

“I liked it when the animals were cheeky.” -Melissa

When we returned to class we continued with our measurement recording. Those who finished used hand spans and feet to measure and record objects in the courtyard. Another busy day in 2RS and 2JH.







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