Monday (Week 8, Term 2)

We hope you all enjoyed your weekends and are ready for some fun and learning this week! We also welcomed Mrs Jones in our class today.  To get our brains warmed up for the day we began with a riddle! Can you work it out?

We then looked at our upcoming events and noticed we have two birthdays and a Bali holiday coming up for students in our classes!

Then we looked at our timetable for the day. It looked like this…

Our Shared Reading book this week is called ‘Cleopatra Silverwing’ by Adria Meserve. Cleopatra Silverwing is a little butterfly who loves to do stunts. While all the other butterflies are learning to flutter gently, Cleopatra is practising loop the loops and fancy dip flips. Then one day when the wind is up, her parents warn her it’s too windy to go flying. But Cleopatra can’t resist doing her cherry dip flip one last time! The gusty wind sweeps her over the hills and SPLAT! into a gooey swamp. She then has to work out how she is going to get back home to her family…

Our focus today was to look at the scientific vocabulary in the book. Even thought it is a fiction text it still uses the real words to describe the changes that a butterfly goes through.

Then we looked at our literacy investigations for the week…

Our literacy activity included sentence building, story writing, punctuation hunts and using adjectives.

Our audiobooks for this week are all about butterflies, with choices between both fiction and non-fiction texts. We even included a singalong all about metamorphosis (click on the link below)

Our handwriting letter today was ‘n’ as we continue practising the letters that begin with a stick. Remembering that sticks are always written from top to bottom.

After Literacy Investigations we went out to test the last of our egg drop contraptions. Stefan and Joshua dropped it off the balcony and SPLAT, the egg cracked. They thought that next time they could add something soft to cushion it from the fall.

Because we had worked so beautifully this morning we went for a quick play on the playground…

Then it was time for a quick Maths Mini session, we learned a new game called ADD IT UP…

We noticed that there are patterns in the tens and units column and this is helpful when playing the game. When we were adding up by 2’s, we noticed the pattern 2, 4, 6, 8, 0 is repeated in the units column and these are all EVEN numbers!

After recess we continued our learning on measurement using informal units, we recapped our learning from last week remembering all the rules we created.

Then we began our work measuring and comparing informal units. Here are the instructions for our paper strip task…

2RS and 2JH at work…

After lunch we had mindfulness and then used our scientific inquiry skills to read and make discoveries about underwater animals from non-fiction texts.

I discovered a fish that lives in a stream -Alex

I found out about the earth’s cycle, that keeps the planet healthy and every living thing depends on the balance of nature to survive. -Hong-Phuc

We saw this picture and it says rivers start as small streams and some begin as melting ice, lakes or larger pools of water. It has maps as well. -Riya and Farah

It’s about frogs and they grow from tadpoles. -Christina & Melissa

We realised that rock ponds can be really deep. -Lia & Marley

We discovered about lakes. -Victoria & Terese

I learned about the whole wide world. There’s water everywhere. -Minh-Vuong & Bon

We found some jelly fish, the mimic octopus and the sharp teeth of a piranha. -Sopheaktra & Paxton

Then it was off to the Fish Farm to continue our scientific discoveries. We tested the PH of the water and fed some of the fish too.

What a wonderful day!


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