Wednesday (Week 7: Term 3)

Wonderful Wednesday in Rooms 46 and 47 looked like this:

In Play Investigations there was was lots of learning through play. Meitraeyi and Stacey set up their own coffee shop with lots of clearly labelled cups of coffee ; Mrs Handforth and Miss Hong ordered coffees and they were delicious! Nikita, Lauren, Minh-Vuong and Farah played lots of board games, taking turns, sharing and encouraging each other.

We shared another chapter of The Enchanted Wood and today the children met a new character in the magic Faraway Tree – Mr Moonface, who let them travel down the tree on his slippery-slip slide. How awesome!

During Literacy Investigations 2RS Brave Buccaneers worked on space themed story plans.

In 2JH, Jai, Jeffery and Arnav read the text Big Blue, Little Blue which told the story of a baby blue whale and his journeys across the oceans of the world. All the boys read brilliantly!

We discovered that blue whales are the largest mammals on earth, that they eat tiny creatures called krill and that they are sometimes attacked by pods of killer whales called orcas. We also discovered that blue whales travel huge distances across the world from their feeding grounds in the polar north down to the warmer waters of the equator, where they breed.

Blessings did some awesome word work on the computer during Literacy Investigations:

After an inside/outside lunch time due to the rain, we had a tidy up of the classroom then Mrs Sharman settled us down for the afternoon with another chapter of ‘The Enchanted Wood’ in which Joe and the girls slipped out of bed in the middle of the night to visit the magic Faraway Tree. They encountered lots of magical creatures in the wood who were enjoying a midnight market in the woods.

After mindfulness, we changed our schedule to include another numeracy rotation, then ended our day with some sharing.

Tomorrow is our special roll for lunch day, with the roll and fillings provided by school.

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    • Hi Julie, Yes, Casual Day is on Friday. Students may wear casual clothing in return for a gold coin donation for the Spring Fair.

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