Wednesday (Week 8, Term 3)

This morning we started our day with a chapter of ‘The Enchanted Wood’ by Enid Blyton. We talked about illustrators and their important job of imagining what the characters look like from reading the words of the book. We looked at the image below, questioning whether this illustrator created the characters as we had imagined. Marley mentioned that she imagined them wearing very different clothes! Today we met a new character… SAUCEPAN MAN. Can you guess which character he is in the picture below?

Then we began our Writer’s Workshop. Marley, Melissa, Farah, Riya and Terese helped by adding to our yellow brick road with their imaginative opening lines for their stories. Very creative girls!

Before starting numeracy we explored our enchanted wood through visual literacy. We made connections between the book and this short clip.

Numeracy was all about money again today! We went shopping at target and had to show how we would pay for different items.

Lantern making was up next. Lots of students used their knowledge of 3D shapes to help them create their lanterns. Awesome creativity kids!

The afternoon continued with lots more lantern making and creativity. Another wonderful day in 2RS and 2JH.



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