Thursday (Week 8: Term 3)

Today we welcomed Mrs Patil into 2RS for the day. Mrs Patil shared her migration story with us and told us about her country of birth, the island of Mauritius off the coast of East Africa. We looked at Mauritius on a map and saw some photographs of the island – beautiful!

Here is fabulous Thursday’s learning line up:

In library, we shared the story ‘The Great Rabbit Chase’ by author and illustrator, Freya Blackwood. Gumboots is a beautiful pet rabbit, but he likes to escape. A story that celebrates what it means to live in a community and a reminder that life is full of surprises.

Whilst 2JH were in the library, 2RS enjoyed a sport lesson with Mrs Coymanns. 2RS then enjoyed a circle time with Mrs Patil, whilst 2JH had their sport lesson. After a chapter of our class novel, The Enchanted Wood, which was set  in the Rocking Land, we then did some more work on money in Numeracy. This was a challenging task, but we worked in pairs to meet the challenges together using teamwork, love of learning and resilience.

After an awesome Writer’s Workshop session, we earned a 20 minute playground break!

In the afternoon 2RS attended library with Mrs Patil, whilst 2JH enjoyed circle time and some mindful relaxation. We ended the day with a religion lesson, the first in series of lessons looking at ‘signs and symbols’.

Friday tomorrow! 🙂


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