Tuesday (Week 5: Term 4)

Tuesday’s timetable looked like this:

Blessings is very excited about her pending birthday on Saturday!

We began the day with Shared Reading and were exploring the author’s use of the word ‘said’. We spotted some alternatives in the text and will be trying to incorporate these into our own writing over the next few weeks.

We then embarked on our second round of Literacy Investigations. The 2JH Planets Guided Reading Group undertook a reading fluency and comprehension assessment. Everyone showed improvement in their reading from the last assessment; so well done to Arnav, Leah, Charlie and Lucas!

In Numeracy, we started a new topic on the mathematical operation of division. We discussed the vocabulary we use to talk about division in everyday life:

Division is being equal (Alex R, 2JH)
It’s sharing things (Tori, 2JH)
It’s making equal groups (Minh-Vuong, 2RS)
It’s about being fair (Charlie, 2JH)

We worked through some division problems together, supported by visual images. Then we all got busy trying out our sharing and grouping skills.

After recess we continued to work on our pieces of art for our forthcoming exhibition. After lunch it was off to Music with Mr Norris and Spanish with a relief teacher.

And tomorrow it’s WEDNESDAY, which means INVESTIGATIONS – yay!

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