Wednesday (Week 8, Term 4)

Straight into investigations this morning and WOW we have some awesome dancers in here.

Farah – In investigations I enjoyed dancing!

Alex R – In investigations I played Flood Escape 2. It was great!

Nikita – I played Minecraft with Alex and Hong-Phuc

Lia – I was playing with some games with some of my best friends.

Kayla – I did some gymnastics and dancing with Alix and Leah.

Hayden – I played on the other side of the classroom. I did some dance moves, dance battles and gymnastics with my friends.

James – I played Minecraft with Bon, Sopheaktra and Arnav.

Paxton – We played play fighting and dancing.

Lucas – I played dress ups and I did gymnatsics and a dance battle and I tried to make an angel.

Hong-Phuc – I wrote a book!

After recess we joined the rest of the school in the hall to practice our Mass songs for tomorrow’s gathering.

On return we organised ourselves for literacy investigations and got straight to work.

Another busy day in 2RS and 2JH!



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