Tuesday (Week 9, Term 3)

Our Tuesday looks like this…

We began the day by reading ‘The Enchanted Wood’. The next chapter was called The Land of Toys. Joe, Beth and Frannie ventured up the magic faraway tree once again.

For Literacy today we looked at the different front cover illustrations of our class novel ‘The Enchanted Wood’. Then we created our very own illustration.

Writer’s Workshop and Prodigy finished off our morning, with many imaginative stories being written.

Then it was time for Spanish and Music, to finish off a wonderful day!

Monday (Week 8, Term 3)

Wow, what busy weekends the students had! They came in buzzing about all the events in their weekends and so we had a moment to share all of the wonderful weekend news of our classes. We then welcomed Mrs Sultana into our classroom and did our morning organisation.

Before beginning our Writer’s Workshop we went through the yellow brick road of story telling. The students were able to retell the story of ‘The Enchanted Wood’ using these eight prompts. Then we got started with our writing…

Bon got a little stuck for ideas so together we brainstormed a story. Wow! What creativity!

We even brainstormed some more ideas if anyone else got stuck…

Three brave students then shared their imaginative stories. Thank you Marley, Farah and Riya for your courage in reading in front of the class. This was followed by another chapter of ‘The Enchanted Wood’ while munching on our brainfood. Today Joe, Beth and Frannie were reunited BUT… they then became surrounded in the  cottage by the white bears and the snowman. I wonder how they will escape? We finished the morning with a short prodigy session.

After recess it was time to begin our new topic all about MONEY! We started with a short clip before recording all the things we know about money.

We answered the following questions.

Here are Farah and Paxton’s answers…

Then we looked closely at Australian notes and even had a go at designing our very own bank note.

Here are some of our bank note designs…

We finished by sharing some notes from around the world.

After lunch it was time for some mindfulness before heading out for fitness in the beautiful sunshine. This relaxation music seems to be a real hit with the children. Try it at home on the link below…

Fitness time… When we were outside we tried to think about the different character strengths we used and then we reflected on our strengths and the strengths we see in others.


Check out James’ perseverance. When we came in we completed our reflections.

Great job students! An awesome way to start week 8. Have a lovely evening and see you all for another day of fun and learning tomorrow.

A special farewell to Tori and family who are holidaying in Bali. We hope you have an awesome adventure!