Monday (Week 9, Term 2)

A busy first day to Week 9!

We began by singing Happy Birthday to Cristina who celebrated her 8th birthday on Sunday. We also look forward to singing to Jeffery on Thursday when he will also turn 8 years old.

The we moved on to a writing activity – retelling the story of Cleopatra Silverwing. We wrote the first part of the story in our own words.

After concentrating really well on on our writing, it was shared reading. Our shared text this week is ‘Little Penguin’ by Patrick Benson.

We then launched into our first round of literacy investigations …

After recess, it was Numeracy. The Triangles and Squares were measuring the perimeter of regular 2D shapes using standard informal units of measurement.

The Squares were measuring the sides of rectangles and squares using a ruler and then calculating the total distance around the shape, the perimeter. Everyone sped through the first part, but when the measurements included half centimetres we really had to put our thinking caps on and do some thinking!  Congratulations to Minh-Vuong and Arnav, who both made progress within the lesson by acquiring a new skill – how to add fractions!

After lunch, there was mindfulness, followed by a science lesson on habitats.

Students were using the  website to research the types of animals that live in various different habitats. Click here to explore the website further.

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow! Mrs Handforth & Mrs Sharman