Food Allergies – Important Information for ALL parents

Some students in your child’s class can suffer from a severe and potentially life threatening allergic reaction when they come in contact with certain foods. These children will have reactions from all nuts. It is the aim to provide a peanut and nut aware environment for the safety of these children who have anaphylactic reactions.  We are asking for your support in not sending to school any food products that may trigger this reaction.

Peanut and nut products that pose a risk include Peanut Butter, and any type of nut spread (eg Nutella) as well as peanuts, cashews and other nuts.  Other foods that are not so obvious include (but are not limited to) chocolate and muesli bars, pastries, cakes and biscuits.  If parents could check food labels to ensure that peanuts and nuts are NOT stated in the ingredients list before b

uying products for school lunches it would be greatly appreciated.

With this in mind you may like to encourage your child to choose sandwich fillings and snack foods that do not present such a severe problem to children with life threatening allergies. The children are encouraged not to share food and are being encouraged to wash their hands before and af

ter eating to prevent a reaction from any traces left on hands.