Wishing Everyone a Safe and Relaxing Break

Hi everyone,

Just a quick and friendly message to wish everyone a safe and wonderful 2 weeks worth of Holidays. Enjoy time with loved ones, have lots of fun, and take a well earn rest, as the students deserve it after all the amazing learning that has been on show the past term! 🙂

I would also like to send out a big thank you to all your amazing donations today with our bottle and cans! As a learning community we collected 593 bottles/cans, which climbed us up the leader board to finish in 2nd place out of every class in the school. The collaboration involved to achieve this was amazing! Thank you all so much! 🙂

God Bless

Thursday 5th July 2018

Hello everyone. It is so hard to believe that we are already in the month of July. The children were entertained this morning by students who take music lessons.  It was very entertaining.

Our day was filled with Writers’ Workshop, Mindfulness and quizzes.

Tomorrow we are having our end of term party.

Will everyone please bring something to share for lunch.  It can be sweet or savoury.

It is also casual day tomorrow and children need to bring empty cans or bottles – NO MONEY.

The children can also bring board games to play with during the day.

Have an enjoyable evening and we will see you tomorrow.


Goodnight and God BlessXX




























































































































































































tyy e have 2 weeks of lovely holidays.


‘Play is the highest form of research’

Hi all,

Today’s blog post is titled ‘Play is the highest form of research’ as quoted by Albert Einstein. It is evident as to why Einstein would acknowledge play to be such a valuable form of learning for children, as witnessing it within the classroom, is truly special. Through our play investigations today, their was an abundance of learning demonstrated from all students as they worked through their strengths to challenge their critical and creative thinking, too discuss ideas, conceptions and analyse what they had created, to test their designs, or manipulate the materials used in order to spark a new idea. The trust and ability to share with each other, shows how far our learning community has come over the first half of the year, as each student continues to grow and flourish into becoming the leaders of their own learning.

A Speck of Gold for me today was witnessing how engaged the students were within their learning, entering a state of flow through our investigation time.


Just a couple friendly reminders.

1. Friday (6/7/18), we are having our class shared lunch to celebrate an incredible semester of learning!

2. Students are able to wear casual clothing Friday (6/7/18), with a donation of recyclable cans or bottles.

Thank you

God Bless


Today in Literacy Investigations the students chose from a variety of learning.

Some students decided to attempt a word find.

This learning helps build visual cues especially in discriminating letters to construct the words

also decoding skills are practiced.

Students used the character strengths of resilience to complete and team work helping each other

Rhyming words Bingo was very popular and loud! So was letter bingo

We used our creativity  to construct interesting sentences and write stories on a large scale.

There was a variety of learning games.

Here we promote oral language and used our character strength  of  team work.

REMINDER 2SB and 3MS  have a shared lunch this Friday.

Please bring a plate to share!

Exploring our Strengths!

Hi everyone,

Today the students shared all their amazing strengths through our investigation time. It was evident throughout our learning time that the students showcased their learning power strengths of creativity, curiosity, collaboration, belonging and sense making.

A Speck of Gold from Maria and I was seeing all the amazing learning taking place, each student exhibiting their growth mindsets to challenge their learning, question and discuss all their new findings 🙂

Discussion heard by students:

  • “Look, look. I have created a ramp for my Beyblade to run down and into the arena” Shashant
  • “Jevan look at this, look what I created with the lego, Robot” Darcy
  • “Mr Stramare, I’ve made a chair for my character to sit on” Samuel
  • “Look Mr Stramare, we have mixed the glue with the glitter and are experimenting what is going to happen with the colours” Terese and Christina
  • “I would like to order some popcorn and some burgers” Charlize

Have a look at all our fun filled learning below 🙂

Catholic Identity Day

Hi everyone,

Today we celebrated ‘Catholic Identity Day’ at Holy Family, embracing the diverse learning community we have, and sharing all our amazing learning together!

Our learning community explored the importance of Parables/Scriptures and inquired about which Character Strengths they thought Jesus demonstrated and what teachings Jesus showed. Students used their learning powers of sense making, collaboration and creativity to investigate these Scriptures.

After Recess students continued working in the small learning communities, and with the exploration of their 100 languages students lead their own learning by presenting their scriptures in areas of strengths. Students ideas ranged from role plays, building, drawing and recording via photo booth.

Students shared their learning with one another, and were immersed in watching the amazing strengths of learning that were on show 🙂

After Lunch the students engaged with ‘Godly Play’. Godly Play is a form of Mindfulness when you engage in scripture through storytelling, where students inquire all the aspects of the Scripture. We focused on the ‘The Good Samaritan’. It was amazing to see the questions and critical and creative thinking the students were discussing.

We are wishing all our families a safe weekend 🙂 Looking forward to a fun filled week of learning!

Thursday 28th June

Hello everyone.  These cold mornings are a bit tough going, especially trying to get out of a warm bed and get going for the day.  Thank God for the beautiful sunshine we are receiving in the mornings. Off to work for a wonderful day of exploration and engagement.  Let’s unfold the day with all our highlights!

We were finishing our stories from yesterday just before recess and I could hear a great conversation going on with a group of year two boys. They were Makur, Jevan, Anthony, Mason K, Deng D, Deng K, Abhinav.

It went like this:

“Jesus is so white, you can’t see him”

“You just can’t see him.”

“When you were a baby you could see him.”

“My baby sister is in heaven, she was born for only one day.”

“We are made of sand.”

“God made us”

“God made himself”

“Mary borned God”

“No, Yes”

“What are spirits made of?”


“You can’t live without a soul”

“If you haven’t got a soul, you can’t live and you become a spirit”

“God made souls”

“What does God look like?”

Then the boys looked up images of God on their laptops.

After recess, we had literacy investigations, and the children showed us how engaged they could be. They were so immersed in their learning

After mindfulness, we were able to think about what we really enjoyed doing in art this term. We were then able to choose to do an activity of our own choice.

We had a great day today and now we’re exhausted.

Have a relaxing night and we’ll see you all tomorrow.

God Bless



Tuesday 26th June

Greetings everyone.  We are nearly at the end of the term and the children are getting really excited about the holidays.

So are we!!

Today after Sport and Spanish, the children engaged in Writers’ Workshop and then were busy involved in Maths Investigations.  My what a choice of activities there were to explore!

We had patterning blocks, clocks, bingo, Thousands Hundreds Tens and Ones Game, Geo Boards, Uno, Fractions, Games and Making 3D shapes.

Look at us!

After lunch we had library and read some of the finalist books for Book Week. Have a nice eveningXXXXX

Exploring Imagination

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Week 9 of the school term! 🙂

Today our focus as a learning community was to explore our imagination in all aspects of our learning.

Through our numeracy investigations, students explored their imagination through a range of provocations such as Chance, Fractions, Measurement, Number, Shape and many more. Students used their learning power of collaboration to work in groups to discuss and lead their own learning in areas of interest. Have a look below 🙂

Continuing with the theme of exploring our imagination, after lunch we headed over to log park as a learning community explore our learning powers of creativity, curiosity, collaboration and sense making to challenge our thinking to create things that have not been created yet!

A Speck of Gold for me during this time was to see the students in ‘flow’, immersed in their learning and sharing their thoughts an ideas with others!

Students created items such as an obstacle course, a wood shop, a house, a boat with a floating bed, a gateway to another dimension and many other amazing ideas. The students then came back to class to explore their creativity through a multi-modal setting of Minecraft, again developing their learning powers.

Friday 22nd June

Hi everyone, thankyou to all the parents, grandparents and caregivers who turned up today to watch our childrens’ assembly.

Mr Stramare, Mrs Ciccorello and myself were very proud of them. We’re sure that you were too.

It is so lovely to see so much learning happening and the children having so much fun at the same time.

We have had a very busy term and the children have indeed been engaged in all that they have done.

Special thanks to Mr Stramare who put the music and images together.

Here are a few photos to show you what went on in assembly.

The children had a wonderful time and so did we, watching them.

Today, with much sadness we say goodbye to Mr Dew who has been in our 2/3 class for a while and doing some fabulous work with the children.  We wish him luck along his journey to becoming a teacher.  He will certainly be fabulous.

After lunch we were very lucky to have some time with our buddies.

First we had some reading time together and we went outside and enjoyed the sunshine at the same time.

We then had some fitness together.

We had a lovely day today and look forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  Be safe and most of all BE HAPPY and GRATEFUL.

God Bless