Play with Miss Canala’s Receptions

Just before lunch the receptions invited the year 2’s to participate in their play based investigations.

We had lots of fun making new friends and sharing in play.

We hope to meet again soon!

Literacy Provocations

Today for Literacy the students had many provocations to engage in.

Some made puppets and theatre. Others used the puppets to create a play.

Some students had a go at Word Finds.

Team work and oral language was developed with many games and phones.

Others engaged in Writers Workshop.

There was an opportunity for reading including our Mem Fox stories

Some students created their own travel brochures.

Lots of engagement and learning were evident today!

Measuring in the Fish Farm

After recess we continued our  learning  with  length using cm and  meters.

We were fortunate to have Mr McCarthy with us and we went to to the Fish Farm and helped him measure the Barra

He asked us to estimate the length first then we checked by measuring the Barra

Please share our amazing learning!


When we went back to class we looked at our data and ordered it shortest to longest.

Mr McCarthy  then told us that when he goes fishing he catches Barra and it needs to be 55cm in order to keep it.

If it is less it needs to be thrown back in the water.

We then worked out how many more cm our longest  Barra needs to  grow in order to  be able to keep if it was in the ocean.

Our largest in the fish farm is 34cm ? We worked out 21cm more.

What an exciting way to learn about length.  One of the best 100 languages!

Numeracy Investigations

Hi everyone,

Today the students explored their numeracy investigations through their 100 languages of learning. Students lead discussion, collaborated and experimented to find different ways of exploring their learning. Students use their ongoing inquiry skills to question as to why certain things were happening within their learning, and used their growth mindsets to work out ways of exploring this differently.

Student Quotes:

Stacey and I measured each other and we were only .5cm different in height – Meitraeyi & Stacey

I use these measuring cups when I help cook at home – Zac

Different levels in the water show you how much water is in the tube – Farah

Photos taken by another one of our resident photographers Deng 🙂

“The Earth Laughs in Flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi everyone,

Today we had Ali visit us from Wipe Out Waste! Wipe Out Waste is an organisation that engage in school programs to educate students on how to effectively dispose of their waste, which links in with our school pillar of Ecology.

Ali collected all our rubbish from yesterday to dig through and see if we are disposing of our waste correctly. Some of the findings were very alarming, and can be easily fixed with your support 🙂 We continue to encourage the use of ‘Nude Food’ which means bringing food to school in containers rather than in their plastic wrappers and packaging!

We thank you for your continued support! 🙂

“The Journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

Hi everyone,

We start our blog post today with the quote from Lao Tzu which reads, “The Journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step”. From a provocation set from Mr Murray and Miss Canala, ‘Tell me your story’, which in the Indigenous culture marks a sign of respect and encouraging everyone to talk about their journeys. Students used their 100 languages to explore their journey today! Students discussed all the important parts to their journey and chose to either illustrate, word or describe how they have come to this journey, or where their journey might be leading them.

Amira – “The rocks are so you can step on and keep going on your journey”

James M – “I am drawing a door that opens to God”

Helen – “I am drawing things that I want to do and things I like to do when I grow up”

Cam – “A path that leads”

Seanna – “I have created a path to being a winner, with things I like to do”

Manseerat – “I am going to cross the river to get to the other side”

Jevan – “My journey is me climbing the mountains in Poland”

Australian Inquiry

As you have all seen in previous blog posts, this term, lead by the students, we are investigating all the amazing and wonderful things our beautiful country of Australia has to offer!! Yesterday the students used their ongoing learning powers of curiosity, creativity and collaboration to form inquiry questions and researching all about Western Australia.

Students prior knowledge inquires:

After discussions students collaborated to form inquiry questions to research using their 100 language of learning!

This morning students entered the classroom to find a HUGE map of Australia filling up our pin board! We have started adding some amazing pieces of information about Australia to it and cannot wait to have it filled with all our amazing learning! 🙂

Monday 6th August

Hello everyone. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! We welcome week 3 and see what wonderful learning unfolds.

We started our day with investigations.

Some children were being creative with shaving cream!

Farah: I am making a sheep

Nikita: I am going to be making words

Seanna: I’m going to make words. First person to write “door”

We are writing in Manseerats’ diary.

Aurora: Me and Lynn were at the harma beads. We created some fruit and poke balls

Nikita:  I made some designs for barbie.  Like a queen and a spring style

Jeffrey: I robbed the bank and Mason K stole it

Alex M:  I made floor soup.Its a soup that has weird stuff in it and it tastes good

Anne Marie: I made some play dough with flour, salt and water

Charlotte:  We made play dough, then we were playing with it.

After recess we had singing practice to get ready for our whole school mass to celebrate Mary MacKillop.

We then read the story Possum Magic, written by Mem Fox and wondered what we would do if we were invisible.

We used our 100 languages to do this.  Some people acted it out, some people used word, i tunes,i movies, photo booth, made a video or drew the picture.

After lunch and mindfulness, we had Inquiry for the rest of the afternoon. We researched about Western Australia.  What do we want to find out?  What questions can we ask?

Together, we came up with some questions:     Is WA a dessert?   How many people live in WA?   Who named WA?

When was WA discovered?   What food does WA export?   What is the social economic status of WA?

We all worked very hard today and we are glad it is time to go home.

Have a relaxing evening, and we’ll see you all tomorrow.

Friday 3rd August

Hi everyone. Well, today is certainly a winters’ day. Let the rain come, as we know the farmers need it desperately.

Today at assembly two of our class members received certificates by UNSW Global Assessments.

Congratulations Manseerat for receiving a distinction for Science, and Alex Reed for receiving a Credit for

Digital Technologies, and Participation for Science.  Well done Manseerat and Alex!!!!!

We have been busy completing all our work today.  Some children completed their pictures of “What does Australia look like?”

Some people finished their “All about Me”, while some other children finished off their recipe writing. (Procedure)


It was a very busy day indeed. We also celebrated Helens’ 9th birthday.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you all next week.


“You’re brave, brilliant and oh-so resilient”

Hi everyone,

This morning the students from 3MS & 2SB engaged in a provocation promoting Resilience 🙂

Students are continuing to demonstrate the power and strengths they have within leading their own learning! Prior to the students engaging in the provocation, students discussed what resilience means to them:

Students showed these capabilities of being resilient through a provocation of working in teams to pass a hula-hoop through a circle!