Thursday 22nd of February

Hi all,

Our learning community was in full swing today as students consistently challenged themselves, showing their love of learning and collaboration with one another.

As a learning community, the students were introduced to Learning Powers, focusing on Mindful Agency as our first of 8 Learning Powers to explore.

From understanding what Mindful Agency is for our learning, students started to develop their own Goals for Term 1 which will be shared in the coming days.

Mr White has set a provocation for our students, to develop Holy Families very own logo’s for each Learning Power. Students have started to develop their own logo for Mindful Agency by exploring their 100 languages and will be ready to be produced very shortly. Watch this space…

After lunch students continued to explore their creativity through Art where students, manipulated colours to create dark and lights shades. Experimenting how much paint they would need to mix together in order to change to certain shades.

Wednesday 21st of February

Hi all,

This morning the students entered the classroom and began to explore their investigations for the week. Through their 100 languages students explored creating their aquariums on Minecraft, box construction, Lego building, block play, Hama beads, Slime manipulating, Bingo, Hairdressers and much, much more! During this time, students were engaged sharing ideas with their peers, discussing, questioning and manipulating materials.

Investigation Quotes:

Seanna: In investigations I played with Slime.

Leah: In investigations I played with Slime with Seanna and learn’t that it can create big bubbles.

Hong-Phuc: Today in investigations I made Lego jail with a Minecraft face on the back of it. I learn’t that you can make change blocks to create anything you want.

Samuel: In investigations I was playing Minecraft with Phillip and Aryton and we made a World and we used oak wood to create our tree house.

James.M: In investigations I played Uno, I learnt how to share the game with my friends.

Deng.K: In investigations I explored how to use cars through a castle.

Have a quick look at our learning community in flow 🙂

After Recess students again demonstrated how they are the leaders of their own learning by gathering into small groups to share and discuss their Fish Farm Inquires and Aquarium designs.

During our Literacy investigations, students explored how to use speech marks, 66 and 99 -“”-. Students discussed in small groups their prior knowledge of speech marks and then found their inner actor/actress to perform to the class where they would find them in a sentence.

Designs by Lara

Lara loves designing clothes for Barbie. In fact she was one of three winners who won a Creativity Contest for her designs.

When beginning to design clothes Lara said “How can I make these. Oh I know I can try paper but that did not work so I used socks.”

Please enjoy Fashion Designs by Lara

Great character strengths of Resilience and Creativity!

Tuesday 20th of February

Hi all,

Today the students explored a range of learning through investigating their 100 languages and using collaboration within our learning community to challenge and enhance their provocations.

After recess, students engaged in our Maths mini lesson, but with a twist. Instead of setting a 5 minute visual timer, Mrs Ciccarello and I changed our visual timer, to a song that runs for 5 minutes. The song was from a new movie released, ‘The Greatest Showman’. The engagement, flow and overall happiness you could see in the students faces during this time was immense. The response we received after this was amazing as all students were wanting to continue working on their Numeracy Investigations through this process.

Have a look below! 🙂

Looking back at today, the students demonstrated the care, respect and enjoyment they have with one another. Collaborating ideas, and sharing interests by building on prior knowledge, and allowing their learning to be challenged and questioned through their inquiry skills, being the leaders of their own learning.

Exploring rich information books together

Today we discussed different ways we could research for our Inquiry.

Using the internet- using the search engines

– ask Mr McCarthy

–  non fiction books


We then discussed the features of a non fiction text including : contents page, glossary and index pages.

We worked in pairs to locate interesting words we could use in our research.

Farah & Charlotte: “We learn’t about different fish that live in the ocean.”

Seanna & Sienna: “The adult frogs eat snails, spiders, insects, snakes and small birds.”

Nikita & Bianca: “We learn’t words about turtles such as tiger snakes, leech.”

Cam & Mason K: “A gold fish can live for 8 years or more and some can even live up to 40 years.”

James. M & Manseerat: “We found out that at the end of every star fish arm, they have an eye.”

Alex R & Ayden: “Sharks tend to attack bleeding prey because they have poor eye sight but a great sense of smell.’

We then made some individual mind maps.

Mason  C“you have to find a learning book to make a mind map”

Seanna “A mind map is when your learning and then your ready to reflect then you make a mind map”



Friday 16th February

Good morning everyone.  Hope all is well.  We are settling into the school year and are slowly getting the ball rolling.

Today is a special day, as we are celebrating the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year.  As you know, we are having a shared lunch, and we thank you for all your donations of food.  It is lovely to see so many children in national costume, and others in red. Today we have an extra surprise at Assembly.  Let’s go and have a look!


Everyone was so so EXCITED!

After assembly we had an assembly reflection and wrote in our journals about what we liked and what we saw in assembly.

After recess we did some wonderful exploring and investigating.  We were really tuned in.

Then we had our shared lunch which was delicious.  Thankyou to everyone who brang food to share.


After lunch we had a visual meditation which activated our brain waves.

The children were fascinated by the images.

Then to Religion.

During religion we watched a video about Zaccheus. This is what the children learnt.

James:  Zaccheus took money from the poor man.

Manseerat:  Jesus always accepts people.

Ann Marie:  Jesus shows kindness, happiness and love to people.

Lola:  If you are bad and mean to people, you are known as a sinner.

Samuel:  Zaccheus took money from the poor man who wanted to get food for his family.

Aurora: You shouldn’t take money away from poor people.


Bianca: My speck of gold was playing with my little brother.

Lara: When the dragon came to assembly and our shared lunch.

Seanna: I liked the shared lunch.

Phillip: I liked the mega dance

Nikita:I liked the Vietnamese dance

Christina: I liked play investigations.

Sienna:  I liked playing with my cousin and I liked the dragon and Vietnamese dances.

Lola:  I liked the dragon dance.

Thankyou for a lovely week and we all hope you have a great weekend.  Enjoy the fringe if you can.God Bless

Shared Lunch Friday

Hi everyone,

Just reminding all families we are having a ‘Shared Lunch’ this Friday to celebrate the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year! Boys are asked to please bring in a savory plate and girls to bring in a dessert plate. Students are encouraged to wear red clothing to help celebrate this special date on the calendar.

Thank you 🙂

Ash Wednesday

Hi all,

Today we celebrated the blessed day which is Ash Wednesday, and started our morning off recapping our learning from yesterday.

“It is the start of Lent” – Shashant

“It is the lead up to Easter “– Nicky-Rose

“People give things up” – Jevan

As a learning community we then discussed the importance of following in Jesus’ footsteps and the types of choices we can make during Lent. Students suggested promises such as:

“I will help people “– HongPhuc

“I pray to God to help people” – Alex.M

“Be kind and share “– Jevan

“I promise to help people in need “- Alix

“Help each other “– James.M

Students then created their own footsteps, and wrote their promises during Lent 🙂

Students then explored their investigations, challenging their learning in every aspect and working on their Growth Mindset. Students engaged in activities such as Hama bead creations, bingo, hairdressers, box construction, Lego construction and creating their own Lanterns to celebrate the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year!

A Speck of Gold that both Mrs Ciccarello and I took away from our investigation time this morning was the open to change from the students. The strength and courage to give every aspect of their learning a go even if it was challenging. Sharing was evident throughout with all students  including each other  and to question and manipulate as they were  immersed in the learning.

Have a look below! 🙂

After Recess we had our whole school Ash Wednesday Mass, celebrated with Fr Shibu. Fr Shibu highlighted to the children the importance during Lent of fasting, praying and sharing. Through this time it is a special time to spend with family and friends.

All students received a Cross on their forehead after lunch, commemorating Ash Wednesday celebrations, acknowledging that from the Ashes placed upon our forehead, we are free of Sins, and move on to positive choices during Lent.



Shrove Tuesday

Hi all,

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday and added to our discussion yesterday about identifying the true meaning as to why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday with eating Pancakes. Students discussed many reasons for this such as the importance of sharing with others in need and caring for others.

The long build up to Easter is called Lent. The day before Lent begins is called Shrove Tuesday. ‘Shrove’ means being forgiven for wrong-doings. Another name for Shrove Tuesday is Pancake Day. Long ago this was a day for feasting and having a good time. People went to church to confess the bad things they had done and would be forgiven before the start of Lent. As rich foods such as eggs were forbidden during Lent, one way of using them up would be to make pancakes.

Students then had the chance to decorate and indulge in their own pancakes, spreading either butter, strawberry jam or maple syrup on their pancake.

Have a look at their cookery skills below! 🙂