Positive Choices

In 3MS and 2SB we have ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’ for each other always, and discussed about making Positive Choices for our learning and safety. This is the language we will be using with each other in our learning environment. This allows students to take ownership and make their own personal choices.

This is the process:

Example –

Person 1: What are you doing?

Person 2: Will answer.

Person 1: Can you make a positive choice for your learning?

Person 2: I will make a positive choice.

Students reflected on the process of making positive choices and role played scenarios with one another.

What are Positive Choices?

Ann-Marie – A positive choice is when you do good stuff to people and you help them and remind them of making positive choices

Lolla – A positive choice is when you don’t be silly

Anna – You can ask a person if they are making a positive choice if they are not making one

Seanna – A positive choice is when someones making a bad choice and you can remind them to make a positive choice

Darcy – A positive choice is when you help people

Aurora – If you make a positive choice, you’re being good, and can guide others to also make a positive choice


As learners, we decided, we would like to use positive choices in our classroom to create a safe and happy learning environment.



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