Fish Farm Inquiry

Yesterday the students started their own inquiry in relation to the Fish Farm. The students were exploring and questioning certain aspects of the Fish Farm, aquaponics and marine life they would like to know more about! Students were immersed in researching their questions and extending their knowledge in this area! Take a look!

Student inquiry questions:

What can some fish live in salt water, and some in fresh water? – Phillip

Why do some fish attack each other? – James J

Do fish sleep with their eyes open? – Seanna

All photography was undertaken by the students!

Below shows a quick video of how all students explore and engage with each learning area within our Fish Farm area!! A Speck of Gold I have to share is how proud I was to see how far our community of learners have come in two weeks and how sharing, support and collaboration was observed throughout our session, and the strong relationships that have been formed πŸ™‚

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