Ash Wednesday

Hi all,

Today we celebrated the blessed day which is Ash Wednesday, and started our morning off recapping our learning from yesterday.

“It is the start of Lent” – Shashant

“It is the lead up to Easter “– Nicky-Rose

“People give things up” – Jevan

As a learning community we then discussed the importance of following in Jesus’ footsteps and the types of choices we can make during Lent. Students suggested promises such as:

“I will help people “– HongPhuc

“I pray to God to help people” – Alex.M

“Be kind and share “– Jevan

“I promise to help people in need “- Alix

“Help each other “– James.M

Students then created their own footsteps, and wrote their promises during Lent 🙂

Students then explored their investigations, challenging their learning in every aspect and working on their Growth Mindset. Students engaged in activities such as Hama bead creations, bingo, hairdressers, box construction, Lego construction and creating their own Lanterns to celebrate the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year!

A Speck of Gold that both Mrs Ciccarello and I took away from our investigation time this morning was the open to change from the students. The strength and courage to give every aspect of their learning a go even if it was challenging. Sharing was evident throughout with all students  including each other  and to question and manipulate as they were  immersed in the learning.

Have a look below! 🙂

After Recess we had our whole school Ash Wednesday Mass, celebrated with Fr Shibu. Fr Shibu highlighted to the children the importance during Lent of fasting, praying and sharing. Through this time it is a special time to spend with family and friends.

All students received a Cross on their forehead after lunch, commemorating Ash Wednesday celebrations, acknowledging that from the Ashes placed upon our forehead, we are free of Sins, and move on to positive choices during Lent.



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