Friday 9th March

Hi everyone.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and keeping up with  your fluid intake as we have another heat wave once again.

This morning at assembly we were entertained by 6/7 JW and PN in a game of Holy Family CHASE.

We then played our favourite game of CAMOUFLAGE. After our brain food we settled down to writing our reflections about the assembly.

After recess we had Investigations. Wow, some creations were amazing!  Everyone was so engaged in their learning.

After lunch we had meditation and relaxation.  It’s so good to be able to come into our cool classroom and wind down after a long hot play.

We then watched a short video about Jesus calming the storm, and then sang a song about it.


Ann Marie: The disciples asked Jesus to comfort them .

Alex R. Jesus calmed the storm by saying Peace and holding up his hand

Abinhav:  They woke up Jesus and asked What if we drown?

Aurora: Jesus was asleep and the storm came and they woke up Jesus.  He said Peace and the storm calmed down.

Farah:  The story was about faith.

Lolla:  Faith is when you believe in someone.

Seanna:  I think faith is like a  kind of hope feeling.

IT WAS ALSO ANNALIESE’S” birthday today. May you have a very special birthday.

Well it is time to go home now and get ready for the weekend.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY.  IT IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

See you all on Tuesday.  Have a great long weekend.



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