Thursday the 8th of March

Hi all,

Yesterday the students explored their learning through 100 languages with an abundance of energy, laughter and fun!

Maths mini brought a bright a positive vibe to the classroom as students demonstrated the engagement and flow they were in as they lead their own learning through Numeracy. Challenging their Growth Mindsets and show an ever growing resilience towards their learning.

After lunch students continued to explore their Artistic genes through another provocation in regards to using colour and opposite colours. Students challenged themselves to be able to build a pattern, using their own knowledge and creativity to produce some amazing, quirky creations! Have a look below 🙂

We were blessed enough to finish our day off as a learning community through a reflective Liturgy. A Speck of Gold from the Liturgy was how well the students engaged in the Gospel reading from Luke. The insight and thoughts the students had about how the teachings of Jesus can be portrayed in our lives today, demonstrated their developing character strength and learning powers.

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