Welcome Back to Term 2!

Hi all,

We would like to welcome you all back to a new, energized, jam packed term of amazing learning!

It was amazing to see all of the children enter the room this morning, re-energized and with big, bright, happy smiles that lit up our learning community from the moment they worked through the door!

The students were full of discussion this morning as they reconnected with friends and engaged in dialogue exploring and listening to what each other got up to in the holidays.

The highlight of today was our Science exploration!

Students were challenged on their prior knowledge of science, as students discussed, and created ideas on what they think science involves, or what it means. Below are some of the ideas students discussed and shared…

After formulating what students know, and their existing ideas, the students in 3MS and 2SB were introduced to a Science term ‘Hypothesis’. Hypothesis is the ability to predict, and make an assumption of what you think is going to happen.

Students were given 5 materials, and from these 5 materials, they needed to predict what may happen with these materials.

Have a look at what they thought…

Video to follow tomorrow morning, students will have the opportunity to conduct it in groups tomorrow 🙂

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