Exploding Science Experiment

Today the year 2’s teamed with a Year 3’s to try yesterdays experiment.

We found that some of the experiments were successful and others were not.

So as Scientists do, they come to a conclusion why it did or didn’t work?

We had a discussion with our partner scientist about our results.

Tomorrow the students have an opportunity to try again if they would like.


Charlise Manseerat and Lolla

“Our experiment worked we  put a hand on each side of the bag and shook the bag. The whole bottom of the bag was open”

Aiyden and Phillip

“The science project didn’t work because when i zipped the bag only a bit of the tissue dropped and the rest was squeezed. Make sure the tissue doesn’t get stuck”

Tyron and Mason K

“It didnt work because when I shook the bag it didn’t pop up. Next time we need to shake it more”


Enjoy the learning with us!

Getting ready to start…….

Here we go!!!!!


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