Friday 11th May

Hi everyone.  Time is flying…..another week gone. However, as I was leaving home this morning, I saw a beautiful, bright and full rainbow.  I just had to breathe it in and think how wonderful our world is and how grateful I was for Gods’ creation.

This morning, our assembly, hosted by 2IB and 2DT was about what the children wanted to be when they grow up, lifecycles of turtles and jellyfish, cultural backgrounds of the children, mothers being our heroes, giving it our best shot.

It gave us a lot to think about.  When we got back to class, the children wrote their reflections.

It was then time for us to visit the mothers’ day stall.

Today we started a prayer journal where we will have the opportunity to write prayers for people, or just talk to God.

Well, that’s it for today.  All mothers, have a beautiful Mothers’ Day. Hope your family spoil you for all your goodness and hard work, that you willingly do EVERYDAY – WHY???????  BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM!!!!!

God BlessXXXXX


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