Friday 25th May 2018

Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all well and trying to avoid a cold or flu –  Stock up on vitamin C,citrus fruits and leafy greens!

We had a fantastic assembly today. It was all about the Guarna people and Sorry Day.

Next week is Reconciliation Week or Nadoc Week.  As a nation we come together to apologise to the Indigenous people for all that happened to them in the past. In class we spoke about The Stolen Generation and how that would have looked like,  felt like, and sounded like.  Some children chose to write about it, others went on to photo booth to record their understanding and others chose to dramatise the situation.

The children were so engaged in what they were doing and also very eager to show the rest of the class what they had done. Look at them!

We continued with this after recess and then shared.

After lunch we had meditation and then wrote in our prayer journals.  We wrote sorry prayers to the Indigenous .

Have a lovely weekend.

God Bless

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