We Walk Together

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In celebration of this week being Reconciliation Week, as a learning community we have been focusing on recognizing the achievements of the original custodians of this land, the Kuarna people.

We have focused on the picture book ‘Two Mates’ written by Melanie Prewett and illustrated by Maggie Prewett. The book walks us through the friendship two boys share, and the activities they both participate in together. The book is set in Broome, Western Australia.

As per our learning regarding ‘Sorry Day’ last Friday, students discussed what they thought was important about what they observed during our reading of ‘Two Mates’ .

Student discussion:

Alex R – The book spoke about how the brown people and pink people put their differences aside
Helen – They were best friends no matter where they came from
Mansereet – We are all in this together
Following on from ‘Two Mates’, students then explored the provocation of ‘We Walk Together’, symbolizing the importance of coming together, and recognizing our differences don’t need to stand in the way of our future.
Have a look at our amazing learning below ๐Ÿ™‚

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