Friday 8th June

Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend as we all are.  If travelling, please take care on the roads as a lot of people will be travelling as well. We are at the end of week 6 at school and the end of term is very close.

The Assembly this morning was hosted by REF and REQ and our children then wrote a reflection on what they enjoyed or something they got interested in.

After recess we spoke about the theme of the Fifa World Cup. The children were paired up to find facts about one of the countries, their flag and a map of the country. The question “What does the Fifa World Cup celebrate?” was part of the students research.  They were very excited about the topic and worked enthusiastically.  It was amazing to watch the collaboration and the communication going on and the fantastic learning.

After lunch Mrs Braiotta took some children over to the centre to practice a liturgical dance for our assembly in week 8.

We also received a toothbrush and toothpaste pack from colgate to take home.

Please remember that the children DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!


HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and we will see you all on Tuesday.

God Bless.

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