Friday 22nd June

Hi everyone, thankyou to all the parents, grandparents and caregivers who turned up today to watch our childrens’ assembly.

Mr Stramare, Mrs Ciccorello and myself were very proud of them. We’re sure that you were too.

It is so lovely to see so much learning happening and the children having so much fun at the same time.

We have had a very busy term and the children have indeed been engaged in all that they have done.

Special thanks to Mr Stramare who put the music and images together.

Here are a few photos to show you what went on in assembly.

The children had a wonderful time and so did we, watching them.

Today, with much sadness we say goodbye to Mr Dew who has been in our 2/3 class for a while and doing some fabulous work with the children.  We wish him luck along his journey to becoming a teacher.  He will certainly be fabulous.

After lunch we were very lucky to have some time with our buddies.

First we had some reading time together and we went outside and enjoyed the sunshine at the same time.

We then had some fitness together.

We had a lovely day today and look forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  Be safe and most of all BE HAPPY and GRATEFUL.

God Bless



One thought on “Friday 22nd June

  1. Thank you for a wonderful assembly. The children performed beautifully and the teachers did an amazing job organising everything. Nina Garrick ☺️👍

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